Neelu Berry & John Duane Activists Extraordinaires!

Uploading archives from CCN and hoping I have them all! Enjoy this in depth discussion with Neelu Berry aka Ved Chaudhari, John Duane and myself…..also discussing the plight, ongoing cases and victories of others such as Sabine McNeill, Carole Woods etc.

We also discuss many members of the Metropolitan Police, the Hampstead Cover Up, malicious arrests and mental health sectioning and other hugely relevant topics for whistleblowers and truth telling activists

LEARN from the vast store of knowledge which has seen Neelu and John succeed in many court cases where others have failed!

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2 thoughts on “Neelu Berry & John Duane Activists Extraordinaires!

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  2. Please can anyone tell me if Neelu whom I have seen in many videos is aka Lint Bint who posts on the UK Column Anything Goes forum ? There are 2 videos of Lint on forum 1, where she is videod videoing 2 plain clothes policemen smashing down her mother’s front door. After a barrage of questions from Lint, the 2 policemen lookg rather deflated, leave in their car/ policecar.

    I complimented Lint on calm way she handled this.

    2. Video of Lint phoning one of prisons in which Melanie Shaw is incarcerated. Lint seen clearly. IMO semi Asian rounded face, body, well spoken, direct and a pharmacist.

    Lint appears to be Neelu Berry, aka Ved Chaudhari from the Chaudhari Clan !. Same face and rounded physique. Same direct well spoken speech. Neelu is also a pharmacist. Both Lint and Neelu seem to have a fascination/ obsession with police smashing down doors and SRA.

    Asking you this as I feel Lint/ Neelu is bringing UKColumn into disrepute, as though there aren’t enough online criticisms of UKC already.

    Mike Robinson, Editor at UKC has become very aggressive and insulting in reply to my emails querying this. He insists Lint Bint on UKC forum is a Scottish lady and will not accept the physical likenesses and other similarities. He refuses to put me in touch with Lint and has banned myself and 3 others from posting on the forum because we ask too many questions !

    Can you help ? Thanks, Laura Thomas

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