REPUBLISHED Children for the Devil by TIM TATE

Hi Friends and Happy New Year if I have not said so already!

As many of you know, I came under Big Tech Censorship onslaught since last Autumn and my whole body of work on my main youtube account from over a decade was nuked.

Thanks to a very kind subscriber turned associate, 90% of the work was backed up and is slowly being re uploaded mainly on this associate channel ARCHIVES OF TRUTH and I am sure like me you will appreciate the re publication of the two rare books done in audio form last year. Please do SUBSCRIBE to this channel and if you are able to show your appreciation to the kind gentleman rescuing the work, he has a paypal link in the description box

Strange times, hold the line, we cannot surrender to tyranny! My main facebook profile also of 12 years standing was nuked, now my smaller family facebook profile is disabled and could go too. Prayers as always appreciated, and please do share these important books with anyone and everyone!

God Bless and may this be the year of the turnaround!