BENEFITS …who are the real scroungers??

I want to make it clear that although I do not receive state benefits, living in the Canary Islands off of Spain, a country which unlike the UK does not dish out instant benefits only the opportunity to work within the European Union…..I DO NOT CONDEMN, JUDGE OR LOOK DOWN ON any child sexual abuse survivors who DO live off of state disability payments or even the meagre Job Seekers Allowance! Governments worldwide should follow CANADA´S lead in affording HOUSING, COUNSELLING & varied SUPPORT to ALL survivors of child sexual abuse, a lifetime sentence of pain and fallout for those who make it into adulthood….
Whilst offenders and perpetrators of horrific crimes against children are rarely caught or prosecuted, and when they are receive OUTRAGEOUSLY SHORT sentences, victims are changed forever by the most heinous violations in their formative years. Often condemned to solitary existence where trust is so damaged they cannot sustain committed and healthy relationships, survivors if they transition to that from victims suffer mental INJURIES not illnesses as so often stigmatised…..
Far from being scroungers these survivors and I include myself should be hailed as HEROES for not only resisting the suicide path and / or battling against the addiction path they live to fight another day AND EXTEND THEMSELVES TO FIGHT TO GIVE THE CHILDREN OF TODAY A VOICE which was denied to them in the most horrific isolation imaginable….exacerbated by fake inquiries, fake promises of help, fake and foiled hopes of justice for their demon-possessed and arrogant, often establishment PERPETRATORS !
I write this note at risk of losing my facebook profile of many years but HEY lets get real people, a social media presence is easily replaced and rebuilt….the life of a child now adult tortured, raped, beaten, intimidated, sometimes imprisoned is FAR MORE VALUABLE!!!
I attach a few videos on the REAL benefits scroungers although one video claims the British public end up QUIDS IN for having the monarchy living off their tax squids….the Queen availed in the not too distant past of a HARDSHIP GRANT for her palaces for heating!! Buck House was due for a deep clean which no doubt would wipe away all but the most forensic dna evidence of any wrong doing in terms of CHILD RAPE AND MURDER….should such exist cough cough. Houses of Parliament due same not long after WESTMINSTER PAEDOPHLE RINGS almost got exposed again….
Check out GORDON BOWDEN work on youtube and I hope to have him as a guest on my show ANGELA´S CACHES on CCN Media in the not too distant future for the true money trails of where TRILLIONS have disappeared to ….check out BILL MALONEY´S work on all things childrens homes and ESTABLISHMENT
And then talk to me about benefits. HUMPH!
I may post this in the first instance as a blog on CONSCIOUS CONSUMER NETWORK where I broadcast weekly on Mondays 5 to 7 pm gmt. For the simple reason that this free and indepedant media network broadcasts from OUTSIDE the UK and has multiple levels of security to PREVENT censorship and take downs of TRUTH!! Or given that my website is not yet up due to FINANCIAL constraints I may just take a deep breath and tell the truth while we still can!
I am a survivor and an overcomer though there are still days I cannot get out of bed and end up in the foetal position with complex post traumatic stress disorder….I don´t say that for sympathy just to be honest about the life sentence that child sexual abuse is. I live in Spain both for safety and health reasons. If I were living in the UK or IRELAND I most certainly would apply for disability benefits given my health and history. In Spain one has to contribute self employment or employment stamps for 7 years in order to qualify for state support. Not a bad idea. If I live long enough I may even make my pension here!! But if not, I will die with the sun on my face and the sea as my healing waters….with no regrets.
RESPECT to all fellow survivors and hoping this CLARIFIES my position!! Do comment and share….and if you are able do DONATE using the link to help me do my part in any way I can for as long as I can or until I get my pension lol !! And don´t get your knickers in a twist at my gofundme figures…10 grand was an inheritance from my murdered sister….most other donations were in kind….and hey ….how much would benefits annually come to??
Yours in the battle for true equality and justice ESPECIALLY for survivors!!

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