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It was a privilege yesterday to bring together two of the campaigners trying to magnify the voices of Alisa and Gabriel the Hampstead Children whose corroborating disclosures went viral back in 2015. One point that was once again highlighted in this first collaborative interview was that if a crime is not detected by good police investigation at the time, it can be confirmed by the lengths those in the shadows go to COVER IT UP!

For those who do not know, Sabine spent four an a half years in a British prison for simply amplifying damning accusations made by these very articulate children when they were 8 & 9. Sabine then was deported to Germany after being a UK resident for over 30 years, and is still receiving treatment for post traumatic stress at the age of 79.

Rupert was one of many others imprisoned and gagged, as discussed in the video. Some are still incommunicado, and many were frightened into silence, as was the intent!

Rupert displays a more optimistic outlook on the agenda of the upcoming (?) Channel 4 Cover Up documentary / hit piece on the original disclosures of two innocent children. Rupert thinks the documentary will highlight the failings of the police in this non investigation but sadly I fear his optimism is misplaced.

Mainstream Media is often hired to assist in covering up TRUTH especially around SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE and this is a new attempt at creating a false satanic panic narrative.

Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV of Hi It’s Rupert fame who was jailed for trying to document the Hampstead Case

Rupert intended to go to London for a couple of weeks and make a documentary about the childrens allegations and the backlash. Instead he received death threats before arrival and he and his family were trolled off the charts….tweets to be shared in Part 2. He was held in Britain for over a year with his passport confiscated and no ability to work. Then a ridiculous trial much like Sabine’s and a jail sentence of 9 months folowed by deportation. AND further targeting on his return to America, again to be covered in future interviews.

We remembered many other victims of the cover up such as John Paterson, Alan Alunson, Neelu Berry, Matt Taylor, Jake Clarke (click on Jake’s name to access his tiny but powerful youtube channel) and others who are still too intimidated to speak publically. If this was a hoax, why the hundreds and hundreds of thousands spent on “discrediting it”?????

I pray even if Channel 4 goes ahead with this travesty, that critical thinking viewers will simply be galvanised into deep researching this horrific case and finding the truth for themselves. There is a very powerful scripture that says, “What the devil meant for harm, GOD will turn to good”

Following is a lengthy but worthy e mail sent by Sabine to the Chief Executive Officer of Channel 4, a mainstream media operation in the UK sadly being used for purposes other than the public good!

Date: On Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Ham & High
announcement of Channel 4 Fake Hoax Film
To: Alex Mahon <AMahon@Channel4.co.uk>

Dear Ms Mahon
Recently I was alerted to the Ham & High article about the screening of your film: Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax.

I note that the Channel 4 website makes the claim that:
 “Channel 4 has appointed Alisa Pomeroy and Shaminder Nahal as the new Heads of Documentaries and Specialist Factual respectively.

“Documentaries and specialist factual programming have always been at the heart of the channel and these two appointments will ensure that Channel 4 remains the home of the most innovative, challenging and popular factual shows around,” commented Ian Katz. “Alisa is an inspirational and mischievous commissioner with a long track record of delivering some of the channel’s most creatively ambitious and successful shows. Shaminder is a brilliantly original and iconoclastic thinker who has been behind some of the channel’s most distinctive and provocative commissions. I have no doubt that both of them will make waves.” Your claim that Channel 4 produces factual content and therefore Channel 4’s film Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax may also be considered factual and true, is simply not credible. 
With regard to Hampstead, both your Channel 4 and the Story Films production team claims are provably false. They fail to take into account critical factual medical evidence available to the police, but ignored by them, and subsequently ignored by the courts.

For the avoidance of doubt, two Paediatric SHOs to the Consultant Paediatrician made the following Summary statements in their report dated 15/9/2014:
“In both the general physical examination and genital examination of [the child: name redacted] today, there are physical signs that are consistent with the allegations given by both [children]. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that [the child] has alleged. In summary, [the child] has physical signs that support [their] allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse.”
“In the general physical and genital examination of [the child] today, there was evidence of findings consistent with the allegations given by [the child]. These were of inflicted physical injury – physical abuse and insertion of blunt penetrating instruments into [the child’s] anus. The scars in the anus are from healed fissures, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that [the child] has alleged.”
Moreover medical examination reported other physical evidence suggesting repeated abuse of this nature. 
These reports and other original material remain freely available in the public domain: 

  1. medical reports of Sep 15, 2014 and Sep 22, 2014
  2. Police reports of Sep. 23. 2014

For Channel 4 to ignore core medical reports in this case, and to label the abuse of children a ‘Paedophile Hoax’, would seem to indicate a deliberate intent to deceive and/or mislead the public by publishing misinformation. Worse, Channel 4 appears to be trivialising the abuse and trauma suffered by two children, in such a way as to gain salacious benefit for their film and wider production material. 
The Hampstead case remains exemplary, as two children, independent of each other, and together, confirm serious sexual abuse, and identify some of that abuse as taking place within ritualistic settings. Moreover, their serious and perverted sexual abuse is acknowledged and confirmed by qualified medical opinion. Significantly, there was no credible police investigation into either the sexual abuse or the ritualistic abuse allegations by the children. 
Against this background, I restate that I did not, and do not, consent to my interview with the Story Films team being included in this grossly misleading film. 
Please confirm in writing that my material has been removed and that no elements of my interview with the Story Films team will be included in the film Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax or any other film, documentary or similar production by Channel 4 and / or its partners or agents.
I look forward to your written response. Sabine K McNeill 



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