Who is REALLY exploiting my grandchildren?? My own cult-loyal daughter gets me door stepped by a protected Detective

Hi Friends, Foes, Countrymen AND still active inter-generational CULT MEMBERS!

This is possibly the hardest blog I have done.

In just over ONE WEEK my baby sister who I helped raise, and my first born daughter for whom I literally laid down my life CALLED THE COPS ON ME and traumatised me almost to suicide.

My sister needs investigating for ELDER ABUSE, neglect and financial FRAUD regarding both our parents. A county councilor in the UK was I think IMPRISONED for same, when her Father’s bank statements exposed the level of financial abuse including paying for her tuition fees for law school.

My DAUGHTER sadly goes in and out of the at least FIVE GENERATIONAL ABUSE members of our family. She is rewarded with being an INFLUENCER and INSTAGRAM FAMOUS star, and the only price she had to pay was to HIDE the paedophilia of her father, both her grandparents and the VIOLENT and coercive father of my beloved grandchildren…and then agree with satanically appointed therapist to CUT CONTACT between myself and her, and my beloved grandchildren.

The same grandchildren who DISCLOSED to me about their father’s violence ….my son in law (but he never married her so just a violent baby daddy really) I tried to be civil with for the sake of my grandchildren….but he MISTOOK my kindness for seduction and made a fucking PASS AT ME! When I reported this to my daughter he flipped the narrative and said I WAS THE ONE who made a pass at him. And from that day forward, he made his mind up to cut me off both from my blackmailed daughter (he had texts from her when she was suicidal and threatened to use them to take her children) and my grandchildren who ADORED ME….watch the video of myself and my grand daughter in the forest…

The violent, abusive, protected father of my grandchildren EXPOSING their images online, but strangely not HIS youngest Rian with a different mother.

I just re watched the funeral of my child-abusing, murdering and trafficking father which is in this blog. MY DAUGHTER had my precious grandchild do a reading at Mass for this monster of whom my daughter was well aware.

The satanic trolls are well aware that I got gaslit by my family and took years to believe that my daughter was telling THE TRUTH about her Sicilian, mafia, multi-millionaire father molesting her when she was 7 years old….I DID honour her wishes not to go on holiday with him and I never left her alone with him again although she did not disclose what had happened until four years later…and to my eternal shame I did not believe her for another 4 years. JUST LIKE THE HAMPSTEAD MOTHER WAS ACCUSED OF ALLOWING HER BOYFRIEND TO IMPLANT FALSE MEMORIES, MY FAMILY DID THAT TO ME.

THE monstrous father of my first born daughter. Who has possibly returned to Sausalito in California because he thought I would STAY SILENT!

Here below is a painful video of me recounting the abuse of my daughter and the VERY QUESTIONABLE friends on facebook of her father. Her father, a High School teacher, published author and mafia figure fled to BANGKOK Thailand when I finally asked local police to polygraph test him. I STAYED QUIET all these years to protect my daughter, who preferred the path of DENIAL but I am now ashamed of my period of compliance with my daughter’s wishes, because the truth is he has probably raped and molested HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN since then.

With regard to JIMMY SAVILE, everyone at the BBC said they heard the rumours, but did not have the courage to SPEAK OUT!


There is one final video I cannot find but followers of my work may have downloaded it…it is where my daughter spoke out in a PUBLIC VIDEO about the trolling by satanic reputation rescue company HOAXTEAD RESEARCH ...please contact me if you have this. Predictably, most evidence videos got censored and it is only by the grace of God and the assistance of Aaron that 90% got archived and saved….see his youtube channel Archives of Truth

I am so dissociated and triggered through having my daughter get an aggressive Detective to doorstep me almost to suidide I cannot even currently review this video

I have further video evidence to release but need to review before doing so….my daughter tortured her half brother and then said it was a false memory….I suspect her therapist was organised by the cult covering up the HAMPSTEAD CASE….this shit goes deep but if my family want me locked up or suicided you better bet I am gonna fight back.

There will be a Part Two God willing if I am still alive and kicking! But NOT THE BUCKET ha ha!!

Please contribute especially to TECHNICAL NEEDS by Aaron the Amazing and Molly Brown his back up!!

This is my transparent support platform and THANK YOU xx


Love always in fear and trembling but PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR!!

Angie and Aaron xx