#mkultra & SIBLING TRAUMA..Annemarie how did it come to this??

Hi Friends, Foes, Countryment & Toxic Family!

A wise person online recently said, the cabal is not just in Davos or Bohemian Grove or in your government although all the above apply…it is in your TOWN and if you are cursed to be in an inter generational abuse family then it is there too…

I searched thus far in vain for a photo of myself and Annemarie in our early 20’s after I had treated her to a weekend spa at CHAMPNEYS health resort ….sadly later research showed that to be a well known haunt of wizard warlock court jester JIMMY SAVILE but back then we were pawns ...

The 5 day ride from University of Warwick to Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire which raised thousands for the STOKE MANDEVILLE HOSPITAL which housed many horse riding injured patients….the downside was it was a charity sponsored by paedo Jimmy Savile and my sister and I were likely drugged and abused every night of the sponsored ride.

Due to my research my now deceased Mother and sister Fiona agreed to have DNA tests done to prove or disprove an MKUltra project of baby swapping where a military recruit made two women pregnant at the same time, captured the mothers into a maternity hospital (read R.A.F. Wegberg Germany) and then swapped the babies at birth for experiment and research purposes.

Within 10 days of my sister and mother agreeing to take DNA tests sadly my Irish twin sister Fiona, 11 months older and born in a military hospital in Germany like myself, was DEAD.

The horrific thing was despite the original coroner agreeing to preserve Fiona’s DNA for testing, my kid sister Annemarie Galligan BLOCKED the dna testing and groomed both my parents back into submission and silence in order to preserve her standing as a PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY and keep the secrets firmly under wraps.

There is GREAT SHAME attached to exposing one’s own family members in inter generational abuse. I have kept secrets too long, and when the still cult loyal family members not only steal inheritances and ignore communications, but get brazen enough to CALL THE FUCKING COPS on the scapegoat family member, then it is time to DO OR DIE...like speak up or fade out. My English Granpa probably intelligence services as were his 3 military sons, used to often quote, “Ours is not to question why, ours is just to DO OR DIE” This was propaganda and we need to stop sending our beautiful children to die in WARS.

Here is another unpublished video…I am too triggered to review it at the moment, but I TELL THE TRUTH so it should not need editing or review….just the grief of sibling betrayal to be processed.

Like HOW do siblings you adored and helped raise end up arch enemies who laugh at your misfortune, who padlock gates to joint inheritances and call the cops on you in vain like HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???

I always say there will be a Part 2….I sometimes never get to it due to trauma, old age and health issues …but you know what? This should be enough?

I told my kid sister I had endured being robbed of inheritances and land and reputation for decades but I would fight the final battle like the OK CORRAL so this is it …..

I still love her and all my surviving siblings but forgiveness only comes after REPENTANCE ...


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