#Nephilim and #EndTimes with Sue & Angie!

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Without further ado, here is the latest studied offering from the Amazing Sue on End times and Biblical Prophecy, as well as her quaint, HAND WRITTEN notes!! We are DINOSAURS ha ha! Thank God for the younger generations stepping up to help us like Aaron and the Telegram Team cos otherwise we might just be construed as crazy cat ladies when we actually carry WISDOM for the upcoming generations!

Herebelow are Sue’s notes….she is more than a decade younger than me, Sabine is more than a decade older than me….Aaron is two decades younger and the telegram team probably younger than him…the lesson is we NEED TO LEARN FROM ALL THE GENERATIONS and mind control over the past 70 plus years has tried to fracture and dismiss oral history.

I am technically RETIRED ha ha and look at Sabine aged 80 this year!! The TEAM however carry the torch into the next generation…much of our work banned on youtube but featured on bitchute has leaked over into TIK TOK and TELEGRAM and the truth lives on….Aaron needs a new laptop, Molly currently works for nothing as do the tenacious TELEGRAM team so if you enjoy our work, PLEASE consider donating if you are ABLE!

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Love ALWAYS, Angie, Aaron, Molly & the Telegram Team!! xxxx