Reviews on “Accused” the Channel 4 cover up

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Well, as many of you will know, Channel 4 went ahead seven months later than originally planned with screening the outrageous so called documentary, overseen by notorious Hoaxtead Reseach boss, Karen Irving, and executed with deception by Tom and Emily of Storyfilm Productions. Finally approved and broadcast by Shaminder in charge of fact checking at Channel 4!!

Despite receiving some predictable hate comments and seeing brain dead regurgitations on mainstream media, my sense is overall this cover up strategy has and will backfire spectacularly on the satanists who launched another satanic panic cover up attempt.

Curiously or maybe not, The Evening Standard had thrown up a likely pre written review of the documentary only two thirds of the way through its’ being broadcast!! Reminded me of a choice few London newspapers which published the Injustice Anna Pauffley so called judgement after an appallingly inadequate 12 fact finding mission within moments of the judgement being read out!

In this blog I will cover a few reviews from friends and foes because sometimes the message is more important than the messenger, and ultimately the children are who we all believed, despite the adults all around!

Firstly here is the synopsis by team member Aaron which has been up a couple of days on Archives of Truth….it is raw and may offend some but I have always spoken the truth unfiltered and Aaron is likewise lol!

The children back in 2014 when they bravely disclosed in multiple videos that went viral worldwide

Strangely the next review I will share is by Jon Wedger ex Detective with the Metropolitan Police. In this facebook live which I hope does not get deleted, he heavily criticises Detective Steve Martin so instrumental in the Hampstead Cover Up and the one who co erced the childrens’ alleged retractions. Although he does not specifically name him, Jon (Nathan) says the standard of the interview fell far below expected protocol (as confirmed by the Police Complaints Authority) and would never have stood up in a Criminal Court trial which should have occurred but didn’t. He also says there was no excuse for not examining the evidence, the most pertinent being both childrens’ detailed descriptions of tattoos, birth marks and piercings on their alleged abusers.

I do question why Wedger still maintains an apparent distance from the case when in fact he as a serving police officer was one of the first to see the evidence of the childrens’ extensive disclosures back in 2014. I also question why he has not spoken out about the meeting he had with a member of the father’s family recently, where he was apparently told Gabriel in particular is struggling and not doing too well? But I am hyper vigilant and ask all the questions rather than the streamlined ones, so in this instance am happy to share at least what Jon Wedger DID make public on 11th March 2024.

or view here

Jon Wedger despite many inconsistencies in his back story has had millions of views worldwide on SRA

Next and perhaps another anomaly is an analysis by larger than life and superb web master Christine Ann Sands, otherwise known as Chief Sands on X. She currently has me blocked she says because I still communicate with alleged ex MI5 senior Belinda Mackenzie. I have not communicated with Belinda in years and I still find value in Christine’s work although her strong stance about Belinda probably upsets the very loyal Sabine McNeill! Never mind the adults, lets focus on the children!

HAMPSTEAD & ASSANGE UPDATE Chief Sands – March 14, 2024

I know Cannibal Kids mum Ella Draper and her lover Abraham Christie are lying about some things, because Ella’s first husband was also in the same Christ Church, Hampstead cannibal cult with the dad Ricky Dearman. Ella put out lies about me, so I get that Ella isn’t all on the up & up, and we all know Ricky Dearman is guilty. Sabine McNeill who went to jail for busting the cannibals is good-hearted, but I’ve also had disagreements with Sabine. Doesn’t matter. Confusion can always be cleared up if two people are willing. Sometimes that’s nice, and sometimes it’s better to break relationship to keep the peace. Like Sabine, Scotland Yard’s Jon Wedger & I know Alisa & Gabriel Dearman told the truth. It’s the Cannibal Kids 30 videos and their OFFICIAL medical reports we’re talking about here all available at SRA.Today, but we’re also talking about the people who were accused. Generally speaking, most cannibals were born that way. Their parents were Satanists, and the kids had no choice. This has been going on for centuries. We know it exists. We’re here to stop it. We will not fail. We’re also here to forgive the cannibals upon repentance, for it is the love of God that draws people to repentance. They can’t really get out, mind you, because they’ll get killed & eaten for it and then ridiculed by society. Might still be worth it for them, though, cuz that’s not a reasonable life. They need to fight back, and we’re here to help them fight back starting with Julian Assange. Assange is tied to #spiritcooking’s Marina Abramovic, witchcraft, pedophilia, 22 child sex slave torture camps, Jeffrey Epstein, Rothschild Intelligence and worse. I understand what happened to him. Everything is on He defected. Assange went through this. He’s deeply tied to the Hampstead cannibal cult through MI5’s Annie Machon who claims she was instrumental in the founding of WikiLeaks, but we know WikiLeaks is CIA under Rothschild Intelligence involved in Satanic rituals. Everybody @AnnieMachon follows is tied to WikiLeaks. Expounding upon the connection between the Hampstead cannibals and WikiLeaks, it was MI5 agents Annie Machon & Belinda McKenzie who set me up to be arrested at Assange’s in the Hampstead case. It was Annie Machon’s LANDLORD spook Belinda McKenzie who was in charge of Hampstead protests but said I was in charge. Belinda McKenzie rents to lots of MI5 agents like David Shayler. Belinda McKenzie’s house is in London but has another underground house on the property right next to the tube station aka subway. Royal Court said my website was the most famous in the Hampstead case, so they stole it from me, but I put it up again and again under other domains and now it remains on SRA.Today. It was Easter Weekend 2015 when I was kidnapped by cannibals in police vans from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange lived. They put me in solitary confinement for 3 days starting Good Friday. They wouldn’t let me make a call to anyone and then immediately ordered me out of the UK. I don’t talk to Neelu or Angela anymore for continuing to dialogue with Belinda. Back to Assange. Not long after I was “arrested” at his residence, he leaked spirit cooking. He saw me get kidnapped and then leaked spirit cooking which sparked #Pizzagate. I think that’s when he defected Rothschild Intelligence. Keep in mind they run City of London Corporation who held his trial outside UK jurisdiction, and they run Hampstead Heath. Assange was raised in The Family Cult aka Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence under Rothschild Intelligence. They gave him the fake wife to go with the fake family and threw him under the bus. I don’t know if they’ve killed & eaten Julian already, but time always tells. His fake family has been talking about his death from suicide, COVID and assassination for a very long time; but thankfully for Assange I busted them, too. Somehow though, I think they all secretly like me, because like Assange, I grant them all mercy, too. #Accused #Hampstead #ChiefSands #Pizzagate #spiritcooking #Cannibalism #SRA #ChildAbuse #pedophilia

Although to particularly an English sensibility, Christine’s style is outrageous, yet her website below is the most comprehensive, centralised source of evidence on the HAMPSTEAD CASE. The Mother Ella Gareeva also documents meticuloulsly on her website but sadly it is often attacked and taken down. As a survivor I do NOT endorse the message of Amnesty for Paedophiles as advocated by the likes of Bill Maloney, Belinda Mackenzie, Christine etc but we all work out our own salvation with fear and trembling as the Bible says.

Speaking of British sensibilities, Richard Carvath in his blog is regarded as the voice of reason although he too has been heavily targeted and maybe even briefly imprisoned for his whistle blowing work. He was ejected from the court trial of imprisoned Mother Anke Hill in Anglesey a couple of years ago despite his journalism credentials and is also the subject of online trolling. He is working on the Anglesey case which I will blog about soon, and picked up where Aaron and myself left off in terms of publishing the mother’s evidence bundle. I will be seeking permission to add to this by publishing the artwork of that poor child who also alleged ritual abuse but was handed back to his primary abuser and his protective mother was discredited and imprisoned. For those like Sabine who look for petterns this is textbook protocol in cover ups ….

Hampstead SRA: Richard Carvath refutes Channel 4

Posted on March 11, 2024 by rcarvath

“I’ve investigated and reported on several cases of child sexual abuse.  I investigated the Hampstead case myself, at various London locations.  I have no doubt that the so-called ‘Hampstead Hoax’ is actually a genuine case of child sexual abuse.”
“I believe both children told the truth in their ABE video interviews with police, when they reported the abuse they suffered in Hampstead.  The original testimonies provided credible evidence.”
“This case involved more than child sexual abuse.  Hampstead is very clearly a case of S.R.A., which is Satanist Ritual Abuse.”
Richard Carvath, investigative journalist.”

Penultimately Sabine McNeill had the courage to use her Right to Reply by sharing links with Cathy Fox on a substack disturbingly called The Foxy Fox (Fox in the Henhouse anyone??)….CATHY FOX according to first hand testimony is actually a man, and as a survivor it disturbs me that this fact is hidden. It also disturbed me that she heavily promotes Jessie Czebotar who I consider to be still cult active and who is good friends according to her with the Head of the Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves, aka Doug Mesner. But this blog as I say, is not about the adults reservations about each other but rather the hope that these children even though now adult might break free and re disclose, putting Channel 4 and Storyfilms, Karen Irving etc to shame and hopefully in jail, The reason I particularly salute Sabine again is because days before the release of this documentary, an intimidation attempt was made to silence her via her ex solicitor who served her VERY POORLY throughout her ordeal.

The above link is long but like Christine’s website it is comprehensive for anyone with the courage to properly research the Hampstead Case. I highly recommend it.

And to finish with a flourish, I am featuring Rev Doc Anthony Pike (rebel descendant of the infamous freemason Albert Pike), who has been a long-standing stalwart supporter of Alisa and Gabriel. Slowly, evidence scrubbed from the internet with the terrorisation and destruction of the Hampstead Research blog is resurfacing and the appearance of this satanic band AT THE CHRISTCHURCH named by the children is confirmed by Rev Pike.

Neil Megson aka Genesis Porridge (1950-2020)

Re: Hampstead Case Update Pt 3

From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike Thu, 14 Mar 2024 19:36:30 

Institute of Satanic Studies‘Stop crime, satanism and child abuse – lock up the police, judiciary and the govt’ St Anthony An interesting piece of information has come to my attention concerning SRCA at Christ Church, Hampstead when the church invited Anton LaVey’s devil-worshipping baby-eating tranny pal, Neil Megson aka Genesis Porridge (1950-2020), founder of satanic rock group Psychic TV in 1981, to perform at Christ Church in 1983 which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ Church, Hampstead has been involved in SRCA for at least the last 40 yrs – WOW!!Yours in the battle for planet earth,

Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)Cosmic Research Foundation

This was my response to the incorrigable Anthony, friend of the elites and also their worst nightmare:

“Yes absolutely 
Also a man called Aaron Dover contacted me years ago saying his mother was on staff at Christchurch school where he was a pupil decades ago and she was part of trafficking children way back then
He offered me sanctuary where he had fled in Bangkok which I appreciated but declined 
Then hoaxtead got hold of him and turned his head to the point he threatened to set me on fire 
Then the poor man in his 30’s ended up dead in a hotel room supposedly from suicide 
I am convinced he was whacked 
APD x”

You may also want to research Tim Veater’s blog, Veater Ecosan and to those I have left out please don’t be offended and know that every single voice counts!!

COMPLAIN TO THE UK TELEVISION AUTHORITIES SUPERVISING CHANNEL 4 BEFORE MARCH 27th to register your solidarity with the children and victims worldwide!

Phew that was a marathon 2 plus hour joint exercise before even sharing across platforms, but well worth it! If you wish to support our work, annual blog and security software fees fall due in March so any donations big or small help us cover our costs and THANK YOU!! Please also share this comprehensive blog far and wide and double THANK YOU!!

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