#SabineMcNeill , 79, #FiftyshadesofBrave !

Hi Friends!

This is a deep blog which may take a few hours or days to digest, but so worth it if I say so myself!

The blog includes a mighty, hyper-vigilant RANT by myself recorded LAST Sunday when Sabine was a NO SHOW for a scheduled catch up….it was partly a mix up with medical appointments and partly just a communication breakdown, and sometimes anger can be channelled into PASSION and truth telling, so with a couple of edits by the Amazing Aaron, I have included it in this blog! For those who do not understand the hyper vigilance and rage outbursts of survivors, SKIP TO THE NEXT VIDEOS!!

There is also an interview Sabine recently did with David Zublick and Penny L.A. Shepard and despite not agreeing on everything, I am tentatively reaching for unity on the important stuff which is the PROTECTION OF CHILDREN worldwide.

And hereunder is the piece de resistance which left me almost speechless and feeling like I had been to CHURCH! Imagine a 79 year old inviting me and you to join the club of NO FUCKS LEFT TO GIVE!!!!

As a final research tool I include a video from the youtube channel by Mary Knight, survivor and documentary maker extraordinaire completely debunking the now defunct False Memory Syndrome Foundation set up by self-proclaimed paedophiles and paedophile sympathisers and protectors as a means of defending the INDEFENSIBLE like Ghislaine Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson and so many others….

I am going through photos of myself and my siblings sent to me since my father died aged 95 in 2022…it is taking a while to process and upload them because I cannot understand how nobody saw our HAUNTED EYES as children being abused while nobody intervened…..

Credit rightly given again by Sabine to Christine Ann Sands and her brave and outrageous websites

Christine’s evidence sites are heavily trolled and disappeared or planted with viruses so please persevere with accessing the truth. Myself and Aaron with the help of the wonderful lady in France have placed more than half of the Hampstead disclosure video clips on my bitchute…..Christine had double the evidence but really hard to access online.

And I SALUTE Sabine for the frankness of our conversation in the 3rd video where no truth phased her and she was open to all possibilities...

Suffering can literally make us stronger as demonstrated by this almost OCTOGENARIAN….

Please share this far and wide, subscribe to the blog and confirm by e mail, PRAY for the innocents worldwide and support if you can!


Myself and team literally spend hours upon hours disseminating the truths that get us TARGETED but as Sabine says, NO MORE FUCKS TO GIVE!! Apologies to those of a language sensitive nature xx

Love always, Angie, Aaron, Molly and the Telegram Team xxxx