How inter generational abuse carries on…5 generations of #mkultra / #csa / #sra

Dear Friends, Toxic Family, Foes & Countrymen,

This is a tough blog to write as part of it covers my own abuse and ongoing healing journey. It is a lifetime process and I and my team are trying to document the process, the mistakes, the breakthroughs and the benefits of speaking out loud and writing.

The price to pay for whistle blowing is painfully high, and I will make a separate video and blog about the targeting right up to the present moment where in the last three weeks my pc crashed / was hacked, my phone was robbed in broad daylight and tyres were slashed outside my house.

The Bible says a prophet has no honour in his own home town and although I have lived all over the world, Oldcastle is where I have lived the longest and where I consider home.

Perhaps the most painful targeting comes from FAMILY members….in the past two months, my youngest sister called the gardai / cops on me over the field we jointly own….fortunately the garda was a good one and told her it was a civil matter and not criminal; then my beloved daughter called the cops on me for a second time (the first was for a supposed welfare check but at the same time she directed my youngest son to steal my documents and passwords); then my niece called quite a senior cop with whom she had worked in the past supporting an SRA survivor through a successful trial and conviction, and she also tried to elicit his help in silencing me. He dutifully obtained an unlawful magistrates warrant to go to Google HQ in Dublin and subpoena my private records. That also failed.

The point is, inter generationally abusive families would rather jail, kill or cause to commit suicide the scapegoat who dares to SPEAK OUT. They may think they are doing the right thing and I am the crazy one, but as evidenced below in this EDITED disclosure by one of the 5th generation victims (full disclosure will be on another secure platform….check my bitchute) it is THEY who are sinning and continueing the cycle by FAILING TO REPORT ABUSE WITHIN THE GENERATIONS and punishing anyone who does.

How inter generational abuse carries on…5 generations of #mkultra / #csa / #sra

My niece and myself are the only family members thus far out of five documented generations of multiple incidents of abuse and victimhood to actually report to the police. The usual family modus operandi is to keep it within the family (secret) or banish the abuser. The problem with that, is just like within the catholic church, you simply move the abusers to a different location and create a whole new set of victims. Or you sweep it under the rug and allow the next two generations to be abused as in your children and grandchildren. People ask why Jimmy Savile, Ghislaine Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein, the Royal Family etc got away with abusing for generations….and those who knew all along were either too scared to report or felt it was not their place. The third possibility is the most sinister in that THEY WERE AND ARE COMPLICIT!

My goal is to change the laws about mandatory reporting to include ALL ADULTS not just select professionals. It should be as much of a crime to cover up abuse and therefore protect abusers as it is to abuse in the first place.

There will be a follow up blog to this, going in to more detail on all the known abusers in my family tree both dead and alive, married and divorced etc. Please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t and remember to click the confirmation e mail. For survivors in acute distress you can call the Samaritans or dial Emergency Services. And pray! Prayer has kept me alive when nothing else could.

Aaron as a male survivor himself, who disclosed on videos with me and his sibling in a series entitled LITHUANIAN SURVIVORS DISCLOSE, plans to start an organisation specifically for male survivors who find it more difficult than women to come forward due to wrongly carried shame and embarrassment. I have interviewed some male survivors in the past including the marvellous MICKEY SUMMERS R.I.P. and BRIAN CLARE but for the most part those who trust me to facilitate their disclosures are women. It will be great to see another force for truth and justice for men in the UK and he is going to connect and hopefully network with the following brave young man who is helping other men in the NorthEast of England.

Childhood Trauma, Triggers and Teaching with Ryan Gadsby

As many of you know, all website fees and security software fees fell due last Month amounting to over 200 euro. On top of that my pc got remotely fried and needed an expensive fix at 170 euro, and my beloved phone got robbed in broad daylight having cost 863 euro and hopefully about to be replaced by the young thieves with a second hand one costing 350 euro which they have undertaken to pay but nothing forthcoming to date….in other words it has been one HELL of a month!! Anybody requiring receipts for the above expenditures please contact me and I will verify all on a zoom.

Everybody is feeling the pinch unless wealthy in this current clown world so please only give if it will not cause you hardship. If you CAN donate it is hugely appreciated, and thank you to those who do so regularly!

Love always,

Angie, Aaron, Molly & the Telegram Team xxx