CHASING RAINBOWS…Good Golly Miss Molly!! Facebook LIVEf

Hello Lovely People

Good Golly Miss Molly Scary Monsters Super EXCITING lol!

CONSCIOUS CONSUMER NETWORK has linked it’s current platform of livestreaming transitioning to archives to FACEBOOK LIVE STREAMING synchronistically concurrently an all that!!
And after investment and a few dummy runs MY SHOW LAUNCHES IT TONIGHT – yikes!

Ok give me a break if I am over excited ADHD an all that ….and I know all the stuff about CIA info gathering and zionist bla bla…but the truth is as long as we have ACCESS to social media and internet platforms we need to CAPITALISE on that and use it for good to EXPOSE evil, n’est ce pas?

My Thursday show is a kind of relaxed diary show with no guests…takes me a week to process, digest and follow up on the intensity of my Monday show with guests bringing revelations that leave me in shock as well as the viewers….but a new magnified feature will be the live chat with hopefully the help of Producer BIGGI BOHO and those who know me will know that although I igorne trolling for the most part, I am an open book in terms of answering genuine questions

So with FINANCES DOWN TO THE WIRE and this being independent free media with no ads or sponsors editing or directing content… is up to YOU the viewer to keep this crazy ass roller coaster TRUTH show on the road!!

Bring it on FACEBOOK and Congratulations CCN

Serious updates on tonight’s show by the way, on life and death stories unfolding

love always

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