Daddygate, Shaun Attwood, Ann Drogyne, Cali Diamond – the bottom line!

Here is Angie’s latest video on YouTube. She covers the Daddygate issue and explains why she has resubscribed to Shaun Attwood in spite of these issues in the past, giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. -Ed

As of mid-2021 we are now a team of three – the two of us who are not Angie are here to hopefully lighten the administrative burden so she can focus on working with, protecting survivors and their disclosures. A lot of this work would not happen without your support, and we are making a re-invigorated appeal for help to keep this going. Any contribution makes a huge difference, big or small – they all remind us that this is a battle the side of good will win eventually. Thank you.

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