DVD of my testimony…the part I knew 2008

Hey Friends,

I am super proud of this hour and a half dvd…and the then 15 year old film student who edited it for me as part of her film studies RUMER COOPER

It stands to my testimony because although I continue to uncover fragmented memories, the clues and confirmations are all in here

This has been viewed all over the world, including closed countries like Saudi Arabia and Palestine.  Survivors of child sexual abuse all over the world as well as many in my current home town of OLDCASTLE in Meath Ireland reached out to me.  Some got confessions from their abusers, and apologies….

THIS is the work that started me disclosing online.  TRIGGER warning for survivors but I promise you it is a HEALING journey and I pray you are like me set FREE by truth!

Please SHARE this and if you can become a monthly financial partner please do so via this website ….truth telling is a dangerous business and survival an ongoing challenge xx

Chasing Rainbows. from Chasing Rainbows on Vimeo.




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