Ireland, Fake News? LIFFEY MEATS alleged CORONA OUTBREAK!

Got up at the crack of dawn to talk to staff and employees at a local meat factory with a recent multi million euro deal with LIDL and the alleged cover up of a covid “outbreak” in the plant, with workers being threatened with the loss of their jobs if they discuss same!!

A fascinating hour insight into corporate greed, undocumented foreign labour, human trafficking and more in my overall opinion piece that the virus IS A HOAX!!

And by the way, my viewing stats on this blog have crashed spectacularly!! I can only think it is NOT a co incidence given all the recent bombshell disclosures linking RICHY DEARMAN of the alleged satanci ritual abuse cult in London to international CHILD PORN AND SNUFF MOVIE DISTRIBUTION has got me well and truly SHADOW BANNED!!

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Thanks and God Bless and KEEP SPEAKING OUT even if your voice shakes!!