LAST POST FOR A FEW WEEKS! Satanic Ritual Abuse

Hi Friends

I have already had an e mail lashing from REV PIKE about going dark for 3 months to take care of some pressing health issues!!

Contrary to speculation, I am NOT fleeing Ireland for Lanzarote, nor abandoning the HAMPSTEAD CASE!!

You will just have to trust me OR NOT for now and I promise I WILL BE BACK!!

Here is the last show I did with TOM DUNN of THROUGH THE BLACK and THE LEGENDARY CAMPAIGN who is also risking his life to expose THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP!!

In fact, Tom had a visit to his home in OHIO last week by the FBI presumably sent by D.S. STEVE MARTIN because he has been fearlessly broadcasting about Gabriel and Alissa

Far from persecuting him, the FBI agents were very keen to learn more about the case, and to help in any way they can

Your PRAYERS as always are APPRECIATED