Nina Valentine joins me for ANGELA’S CACHES on HIGH LEVEL MIND CONTROL!

Nina is an avid youtuber, camerawoman and photographer with amazing footage and studies of the esoteric, of architecture, of the ‘matrix’, of light and anomolies including capturing footage of demonics…check out the following two examples:

Nina is a survivor of high level mind control programming and specialises in teaching recovery to fellow survivors who have got to grips with the early stages of awakening and healing and wish to go deeper …..

Her Grandfather was Dr James Valentine a high level psychiatrist as well as a founder member of the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY.
James Valentine trained in psychiatry at Bethlem Royal and Gartnavel Hospitals before a travelling scholarship took him to Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. He was appointed to Scalebor Park Hospital, Yorkshire, becoming physician superintendent in 1939 and retiring in 1971.

Nina lovingly cared for her Grandfather for many months leading up to his death, but her research and her integrity has her also acknowledge the part he played in her own programming and mind control from conception on ….

Nina says:
“I worked in racing and have been whistle blowing on agendas, and sharing healing with people, whilst also filming hot cult rich areas of interest that most people are blind to.

I always made my YouTube videos for the high level programmed people deprogramming rather than for the people just waking up. I did that because there is very little out there for people beyond the early stages.

I was 20 when I first started trying to wake people up around me. As a result I have lived life on front lines fer a very very long time”

Nina is a first hand witness of multiple targeting, programming and more importantly DEPROGRAMMING AND HEALING and her Youtube channels are a study in awakening and awareness. Like myself, Nina’s style is not instant gratification and information flooding, rather a meandering style with nuggets of truth mirrored in her stunning film footage of the Yorkshire countryside her childhood home

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