THE BOOK OF ESTHER …for those with ears to hear

I am facing possible imprisonment for speaking TRUTH…I prayed and asked Yah God our Creator for WISDOM …He promised in the Book Of James IF YOU ASK FOR WISDOM, I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU, IN ABUNDANCE, WITHOUT CRITICISM OR CONDEMNATION….

The heart of the Book of Esther is that she was asked to petition the KING without invitation, to save her PEOPLE (do not fall in to the trap of anti Jew stuff…Israel today is those who are REDEEMED by YESHUA JESUS). Esther knew by agreeing to this, she risked her very life. She was a SECRET Jewess and could be cast out even killed in those days of monarchy

She replied Though I risk all yet perhaps I WAS BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS

And those who had come against her and her people were HUNG on the very gallows they had nefariously erected to HANG THE INNOCENT

Sadly the BOOK OF ESTHER has been hijacked by freemasonic EASTERN STAR traditions of freemasonry
ALSO many will be instantly TRIGGERED by mention of the JEWS as the people she wanted saved

For those with EARS TO HEAR ,…..this is my gift

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