When youtube bans videos USE VIMEO!!

My recent UPDATE to the UNCLOAKING HOAXTEAD videos has been BANNED IN THE UK by Youtube

I already have 3 Hampstead videos banned in the UK due to GOVERNMENT legal complaints hmmmmm!!

And more feathers in my whistle blowing cap with the KAREN IRVING video banned in Canada!!

Here is the latest UK BANNED video now on vimeo ENJOY AND SHARE and may the children be located and safe. May poor Sabine also be released and LET JUSTICE REIGN!!

The featured image by the way is one of Steve Key┬┤s profile pictures …Steve says despite his inverted pentagrams, 666 etc he is not a satanist, he has only bought books by Blake and Dante!!

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  1. It”s just more of the same old people who don”t like something want it banned. Except when it”s something they like, say abortion. Then protesting about that being banned is evil. Guns kill people but abortion is choice. 0 0

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