Who is TRACEY (“Motormouth”) MORRIS? Part One

I have first hand experience of Tracey Morris being a skilled and compulsive liar and am in the process of uploading extensive evidence of this

I also know she seems to work with the loyalist, protestant community of Belfast more than her own apparent Republican background. Indeed, she has been hounded by IRA and one of her stories is of chasing Gerry Adams around her garden over allegedly covering up republican connected paedophile rings

Jon Wedger, supposed whistleblower Metropolitan Police Detective, talked of travelling to Belfast and meeting who he described as the female version of BILL MALONEY ….I am presuming he was talking about the self promoting guru TRACEY MORRIS.

Given recent revelations about BILL MALONEY particularly as exposed by BRIAN HARVEY, Jon Wedger might have spoken a very TRUE analogy of Tracey being the Belfast MALONEY
The question is …..is she an AGENT? Does she work for MI5? Why do so many forced adoption cases go wrong around Tracey?

Tracey seems to have death all around her. Allegedly her Father hung himself, (THIS INFORMATION WAS GIVEN BY NOW DECEASED PAUL McCARTNEY BUT A COUSIN OF TRACEY NAMED LEE HAS SINCE SAID TRACEY;S FATHER IS STILL ALIVE SO I STAND CORRECTED ON THAT DETAIL) her brother hung himself and Tracey was accused of stealing at his funeral by a family member….her daughter apparently seemed to succeed in a second hanging attempt…the father of that child was murdered by the IRA for drug dealing….Tracey actually has six children not three as referred to in the following video.
The eldest daughter does not talk to Tracey nor allow her access to her children, Tracey’s grandchildren. The second daughter died of alleged suicide in 2017, having spent years in a violent relationship and in and out of homelessness, including when Tracey moved to England with the youngest three for 2 years. Tracey’s 3rd oldest daughter was in foster care for abuot 3 years and emerged transgender and now identifies as a man.

Tracey self promotes as a world changing anti child abuse activist. I would love to believe that. I still long to believe that. But in a soon coming blog I will reveal 2 years of first hand evidence of Tracey lying, manipulating and engineering a narrative that just DOESN’T ADD UP

The above is an interview Tracey did with the now suspect BASES project …she recounts a story about busting a paedophile ring in the WEST MIDLANDS connected to Jimmy Savile, Greville Janner and Leon Brittain amongst others…this may well be the case, but Heather Brown assures me Tracey edited her evidence and in actual fact ALLOWED her children to be taken away on outings with the paedophle solicitor in the West Midlands

It is never a Mother’s fault if her child is abused, it is the ABUSER who abuses. However, something does not add up with Tracey saying she did not allow her children to be taken by the paedophile BIRMINGHAM SIX solicitor, and yet admitting her daughter was horrifically abused by a PAEDOPHILE RING

Tracey sadly is reminding me of DEE GARDINER a renowned and infamous survivor of clerical sexual abuse who sadly has ended up deceiving thousands with disinfo and misinfo and downright lies

Tracey talks around the halfway mark in the Miles Johnston video of saving HUNDREDS of children from social services confiscation, often just on foot of a phone call from Tracey….in years of association with Tracey, well two and then one observing from afar, I HAVE NOT SEEN EVIDENCE OF THIS

Tragically, like BILL MALONEY, much of the information disseminated by MORRIS is TRUE….yet truth is helped in being buried by people who MIX truth with lies and thus sabotage any hope of true justice

A chilling story Tracey recounted to me when I stayed in her home, was how she uncovered extensive CORRUPTION in her local Social Welfare Office. She talked of several scams she had uncovered, inlcuing officers billing for clinics that were not held, and for grants for people in need being given, but the applicants being told they were turned down…and the staff pocketing the proceeds and many other scams
To my shock, instead of Tracey reporting and exposing this corruption, she USED it to threaten the staff and EXTORT 5 giros for multiple various grants she herself had applied for! She laughed about having them in her pocket and how she could ask for anything she wanted and get it. TO ME, THAT IS NOT A WHISTLE BLOWER???

I can’t help feeling ANGRY around the 1 hour 15 minutes mark of BASES interview as Tracey gives HER version of what is happening to BABY H. Those following my work will know I took in this family and helped the safe delivery of their baby in the South. ALL LOOKED GOOD for the Mother regaining custody of the baby at which point she was to return North to fight to regain custody of her older two children. TRACEY sabotaged that process!!!!!

I BELIEVE much of Tracey’s testimony. Many good people gather around her and help her and unwittingly give her credibility. The sad thing is Tracey’s evidence IS tarnished and undermined by her LIES.
Jon Wedger never said a truer word than when he said she was the BELFAST BILL MALONEY. Tragic for the truth movement. In my video, You will see Tracey telling me she was planning on taking custody of her dead daughter’s children as both she and the violent father were UNFIT PARENTS. I wouls suggest Tracey Morris is too

Another sad possibility is that the common law lawyer and ex South African policeman JOE VAN TONDER is ALSO a state asset. He told me first hand he worked with SCOTLAND YARD on the HAMPSTEAD CASE which mysteriously was not their jurisdiction…and despite his misgivings about the Scotland Yard liaison, he came out supporting the theory that Ricky Dearman was the victim of PIRANHA PARENTING by Ella Gareeva Draper and the whole case was a hoax orchestrated by a resentful Mother in a non existant custody battle. Tracey introduced me to Joe, and genius as he is, he is possibly compromised having been accused himself of sexual abuse and lost his child to the State for a period of time. When I released audios of our conversations about the Hampstead Case, during which he admitted he could have been fooled about the alleged innocence of the FATHER, Joe contacted me hysterical begging me to take the audios down as he had people throwing bricks through his windows and threatening his life. I did so but have reverted them to public which can be found on my youtube channels either ANGELA POWER DISNEY or ANGIE POWER DISNEY

I am aware Miles Johnston announced the above interview as copyright….as it is publically shared on the internet I trust he will concur that this blog and further investigation is FAIR USE and in the public interest. If not, he may join the queue in supposed lawsuits for my paltry assets as I risk life limb and humble property in EXPOSING EVIL AND HELPING CREATE A SAFE WORLD FOR CHILDREN

The following draft and LONG deep dive of 2 years of private messaging with TRACEY MORRIS is part one of an expose I NEVER WANTED TO DO …..Part 2 will expose the most outlandish lies and sabotage of the BABYH case imaginable, as well as betrayal off the charts of that poor family who were sadly co erced back under Tracey’s control



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