ZEN GARDNER de briefs on cult after being ´outed´

Another from the CCN archives I managed to rescue!  Apologies for the multiple blogs whilst I catch up, but these interviews are definitely worth bookmarking for viewing I promise!!

I had not followed Zen´s work prior to doing this interview, other than cramming a few days in, and moreso on the cult THE CHILDREN OF GOD than Zen´s work itself.

Any who know me know I came OUT of the New Age and have little patience for it now no matter how well packaged.

I interviewed Zen because I think it is the right thing to do for media personalities to answer questions when major issues arise.  His willingness to be interviewed by myself an unknown and not a fan, for me spoke volumes.  Thousands of his fans and followers were disillusionaed to discover Zen had held a high position in a cult which practised child abuse in the name of free love.  The argument that many cult members such as in catholicism or freemasonry are unaware of what goes on át the top´could not really hold water with Zen as he had been in charge amongst other things of public relations when revelations came out about Berg´s insane and illegal behaviour.

Every sinner is at liberty to confess and repent.  Repent means to change, to turn and walk in a different way.  Zen had lied by omission that much is true.  He had neglegted his children by raising them in this cult and submitting to cruel protocols for their nurture or lack of it or abuse within the cult.

I found Zen to be honest and transparent, willing to go there with difficult questions and humble in his apparent downfall.  Whether he was completely honest is not for me to judge.  He at least began the journey and paid a price for his sins of omission….the highest price may be repairing relationship with his children…I pray for ongoing honesty and healing in his family and families everywhere devastated by cults and child abuse

I would be happy to do a follow up interview with Zen so if is back online and you know him, please tell him that.

Here is the interview….if I was naive and duped, so be it.  I thought I was rigorous in my questions, almost too harsh even.

My default is LOVE and we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.



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