Angela’s Caches – ANGLO IRISH MATTERS !

My guests tonight will be CATHERINE DELANEY McCORMACK survivor of a multiple shooting murder attempt, PATRICK CULLINANE lay litigant extraordinaire and JOHN MARY DUVANE aka JOHN DUANE maverick international law expert to continue bringing REMEDIES and SOLUTIONS to societies burgeoned with corruption!

Tune in Monday 24th October between 5pm and 7pm or catch up on ARCHIVES or YOUTUBE in a couple of days!

My podcast of the week almost got my facebook suspended because of the thumbnail photo including Bill Clinton in a VERY compromising situation lol ….why are journalists sanctioned and politicians protected ongoingly like WTF??? But it is still up on youtube and the content is FASCINATING especially regarding the manipulated CREATION of the truth movement…it’s a long one but cliff hanging in terms of PERSPECTIVE…..enjoy!

Have a great week everyone, even the trolls, in fact have the rest of the week OFF you guys lol !

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