BACK ONLINE a catch up!

Hi Friends!

I was offline for three months and when I came back, the links to my blog had broken. With good tech support all is well and following are the youtube updates I did shortly after my return!

Keep checking back as I update the blog with urgent updates regarding attempt by RICKY DEARMAN to get me prosecuted in Ireland!

Here is part One of my update a couple weeks ago …if you haven’t already done so, please find my youtube channel ANGELA POWER DISNEY and subscribe for regular updates, and for those of you who do Facebook I am on there too, currently doing weekly livestreams same name

and here is a brief Part 2

Love always, and please for those who pray, remember me and more importantly ALYSSA and GABRIEL and children worldwide without a voice or adult survivors especially those suffering in addiction

p.S. for any wanting to donate to keeping my communications afloat, please be advised my paypal was de platformed probably due to troll malicious communications, but my gofundme site on here is still working and THANKS!