Brian Harvey, Ben Fellows, Tom Watkins, Kenneth Clarke, Uncle Leon

As many will know, Brian Harvey made a video to Theresa May threatening to commit suicide if she would not meet with him to view his phenomenal evidence bundle and stop the targeting which included his disability benefits being stopped. The police were sent to his home and Brian live streamed again, until he was conned by the police into getting close enough to have the stream taken down and him carted off to hospital…the friendly plod had threatened on camera to tazer him, causing Brian alarm and distress and him saying he would use the noose if his home was breached…he was apparently cleared by the mental health assessment he was forced into, but instantly re arrested on charges of malicious communications and held in police custody!!

Addressing other current topics including the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Please share and for those who do, please PRAY for truth and justice, and protection of whistleblowers

Please also pray for Andy Devine, John Hanoa, Eddie Isok, John Paterson, Edward Ellis, Brian Harvey of course, Melanie Shaw, Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, Lee Cant and all who put their lives on the line for the sake of TRUTH AND JUSTICE for all

Love as always,