CENSORSHIP & COVER UPS in Anglesey and beyond

Introduction: A YT video clip of Tim Fortescue, former Speaker of the House, telling the unseemly truth of covering up VIP abuse… from the early ‘90s

RT Article on new proposed changes to the UK Official Secrets Act to prosecute journalists as spies 


  • Why is a D-notice being placed on a kidnapping case in Anglesey? In what sense is it a matter of national security?
  • A new “breathtaking” disclosure that is currently too hot to be released around widespread corruption centred on Anglesey. 
  • Angie calls for a country-wide investigation/inquiry and in particular, any disclosures from/around Anglesey.

Over the coming weeks we will be working on links to the videos on Angie’s main channel before it got shut down: providing new links and updating the old ones. We are also continuing to upload them to Archives of Truth, which is where you will be able to find them until that work is completed.

I would like to help both volunteer team members get up and running in terms of external hard drives or any software needed, a priority is to make the backlog of videos and other data including survivor disclosures, like the newest one which is too sensitive to even share online yet, safe so any contributions right now are deeply appreciated.


– Team Angie