I am copying a personal message. My life is transparent. I only share my pain and healing that others might also be healed. ” My people perish for lack of knowledge” I AM NOT ASHAMED!

Angela Hi! I am a deliverance minister. I have found that forgiveness will make all demons leave. You must forgive yourself also. Ask forgiveness for anything the Holt Spirit brings to mind. Also break any soul tie with any all those you have sex with outside marriage. This saying. I break my soul tie with. Say their name. And I call back every fragment of my soul , that is my mind, my will, and my personality. So that I may be whole again. I send back to. Say their name. All the fragments of their soul You will feel the exchange on some. Both of these steps take care of thousands of demonic holds. They have no grounds go stay if you forgive. ! Many times I have had the person forgive their father’s side and their mother’s side for anything they did that might have. Fallen on you. This has a lot of power also. Many times a great grandfather was hurt and used alcohol or was full of hatred because of trials. This can effect us. So I always all of them for anything they did and that releases is from any curse. It simple. And seems so 123. But ask the Holy Spirit to come and full you. I do everyday. He destroys every yoke. I can always feel Gus sweet presence during deliverance and you will too. Do these simple acts. And you will be free. Tomorrow will feel different without them pulling and tugging and keeping your mind busy. God’s Peace will take over. Let me know how you are. You are a favored child of God.Jesus came to set you free!Deliverance is a calm and loving ministry because the Lord is present. Lord Jesus I pray and ask that you would bless Angela with total feedom and victory as she walks through
Dear K,

I have been celibate over 3 years. I do have something of a soul tie with my boyfriend in word and thought and I have cut that off and his from me. The love remains, we wept over the phone together last night.

We have been super imposing past damage in our individual lives onto each other and fearing things which are not real or present

I walk in forgiveness and pray to the Holy Spirit daily…see my note ‘A Fleeting Thought from a Manic Mama.

I am exposing my past damage and healing for all to see in order that others might be healed. In doing so it becomes raw again, especially as I have finally fallen deeply in love. The devil tries to taunt me in moments of despair by reminding me of my past and questioning my healing, but it’s ok…I will remind him of his future. A fiery burning lake.

Marriage was much simpler in Jesus Day. We have complicated it. A simple declaration and blessing before God and men….vows to each other of fidelity and love…a daily aspiration to place each other and others first…and a mutual agreement that God is the centre, the example, the umpire, the boss.

And in the event of failure, Jesus already paid the price. That is not to minimise or promote divorce…it is painful to all concerned, especially innocent children. But sometimes it is necessary or advisable. The only ones able to pass opinion are the God and men who bore witness to the original marriage. And ultimately WE must choose…we all must work out OUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling.

God Bless you and your loved ones, and Happy Easter

God sees the first wedding day, ripped in half by my ex husband when I finally admitted my mistakeGod sees the heart…my first wedding day, ripped in half by my ex husband when I finally admitted my mistake

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