Discussing the death or disappearance of Patrick and then MICKEY SUMMERS survivor HERO

More from CCN archives thankfully rescued

Tracey, Angie and John try to make sense of the untimely, alleged death of Common Law Lawyer PATRICK CULLINANE in the first part of the show.

In the second part, I have the honour of interviewing Childrens´Home Child Sexual Abuse Survivor MICKEY SUMMERS who returned to the UK from America to fight for justice in his case which was repeatedly covered up and sabotaged.  In fighting for his own justice, Mickey was a founding force in justice for HUNDREDS of childrens home survivors and a force to be reckoned with to this day

May he and all survivors from Nottingham, including imprisoned whistleblower MELANIE SHAW receive justice, as well as nationwide and worldwide.  Sadly, childrens´home inmates were a supply line for paedophilia by the elite and the survivors speak for themselves and those who lost their lives trying to come to terms with the horrors that were inflicted upon them.

With the report on Haute de la Garenne just released it should be obvious that this was a franchise of the darkest kind.

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