“GIANTS AND ANGELS”…………..for ‘Jacknife’

Man of stature, giant, stood there weeping,

standing by a river void of life

Wondering what poison stole the keeping

of wonderment once captured on a knife


Zeal and passion flared within his belly

Yellowstone erupted one last time

‘Quick!’ he cried, ‘Bring me my precious children

So I may hold them, love them, they are mine’

Warriors from north and south, horses in the sky,

horrors that were never dreamed before………….

Yet angels to the giant once had whispered

and told him,, ‘Come home quickly, close the door!’

‘Just once my love, just once my sweet

just one sweet time lay gently on my bed

and I will hold you hide you in my circles’

‘Come get me love I’m waiting here’, she said

And giant folded lover in his arms,

placed children tenderly upon his shoulder

Raced home to home that always was there waiting

Another day another moved the boulder.

(Copyright Power 2009)

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