October 24, 2008 – Friday
Current mood: angsty
Category: MySpace
I am new ish to this social networking….my daughter introduced me so I could monitor my sons…now they tell me to get off the computer!! I metan American woman years ago in England who was addicted to the net an stayed up all night an acted like a junkie on a buzz about it…..I thought she was wacky with a capital w!! Oh life!

I do like finding old friends although like old boyfriends one sometimes thinks there is a reason they are old an not current??

An it’s good fun visualising! I described my perfect man an he materialised on myspace!! But he could be married with 5 mistresses an 10 kids…

Tomorrow I really will work on my book an film….last editing session threw my laptop into convulsions an had to get remotely fixed from India!! Or then again I may network a couple hours then do some housework!!

Happy Day..xx

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