If I would list how many ways I love thee
Right now, my pen would fail me, that’s for sure
I love thee as a springtime morn, birds singing
before the crows drown out their daintiness

I love thee as a parent loves a child
yet, in the loving, realise
We love for such as that
and them forever

I love thee in simplicity, tho Chaucer,
Shakespeare too, did wax unending
I love thee as a lover,
warts an all!

My darling, to be WITH you
Right now – I’d sell my soul
A bowl of soup would seem
so very worth it

Yet wait we will, as wait we must
In parting is sweet sorrow
And reunion holds the promise of

(Copyright Power 2009)


In moments of humanity
in awe of His divinity
yet moments such as these
her beauty faded

And horror is as horror does, cruelty
Self-loathing aimed at HER.
And all was lost, yes I was lost
And love stood weeping, weeping on the threshold

And yet when all was lost and I was weeping
She wakened once again and Bliss restored

Enchanted, captivated, I stood lonely
And realised my love had never died, no never died
Just resting for a while in Heaven’s whisper
And once again I cried, Oh she is mine!

Just resting for a while in Heaven’s whisper
I am hers and she is mine
Love sublime is now divine
And once again I cried, oh she is mine…..

(Copyright Power 2009)

There is a beautiful speech by Nelson Mandela where he talks about don’t hide your light under a bushel for fear of stirring discontent in others for in celebrating your joys and passions you will inspire others to follow theirs…look it up an post it, or I will…

There is a shaking going on in dead relationships that do not honour God Lough SheelinLough Sheelin

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