May Update, New videos, Ireland & beyond

Hi and WELCOME to any getting my updates for the first time! I am still new at this having used facebook and youtube as my main platforms over the past several years, so bear with me as we figure it out!!

There was a whisper about Detective Constable Steve Martin the one who interviewed the Hampstead children, most painfully in the false retractions, has gone to safety in order to whistleblow. No further confirmation of this yet, and check out youtube channel of DEBORAH MAHMOUDIAH for an excellent vid on the subject.

Myself and others got SIX youtube channels taken down by Mackenzies Devils trolls and they are spitting fire. Really upping the anti with all sorts of crazy accusations but we soldier on

Thanks so much to those who support me financially in a viewer and colleague supported path of media….it really is more blessed to give than receive, I practise what I preach and just re iterate….money is just a means of exchange mostly hijacked for evil and we ALL can afford to let go of a tithe just to remind ourselves it is NOT our master!!

Enjoy the vids….the Costa one is banned in the UK and I have got a professional subscription to vimeo in order to back up banned vids there. I will disseminate when that is done

Love to all and thank God the Easter ritual period is over !

p.s. For those who follow my youtube channel ANGELA POWER DISNEY I just did a SIZZLING one and a half hour show with HEATHER BROWN aka PRUEDENCE HALLIWELL !! Have included here as Costa one not yet backed up!


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