FORBIDDEN TECH, Targeted Individuals, Free Energy & Fallen Angels!!

New video of a fascinating conversation with the authors of a brand new book entitled FORBIDDEN TECH by Tivon Rivers and Naima Morris

Tivon is an ex U.S. Navy military technician, Naima and her parents are Free Energy Cutting Edge scientists, and this interview explores some of the fall out of working in this exciting, cutting-edge and DANGEROUS field!1

Apologies for slightly sub standard audio on my side of the interview….as many of you know, I am in Ireland with just my laptop and a headset for microphone…..please join me in believing for a better laptop to continue high quality interviews and vlogs whilst away from my home base and office tech!!

Enjoy this hour long conversation which definitely pushes the envelope and hopefully validates those unfortunate enough to be PERSONS OF INTEREST in breaking new ground including in the FREE ENERGY field!

If you check the description box of the video on youtube you will find links for a FREE 60 page sampler of the book, as well as a FREE orgonite pendant


4 Replies to “FORBIDDEN TECH, Targeted Individuals, Free Energy & Fallen Angels!!

  1. Thanks Angie,

    Great insights and testimony rings very true indeed, Satellite and celldar!

    Regarding the whole subject targeting, S.R.A, Military, I was talking today to my Dad, about His conditioning in his generation, the method is the same through the ages, trauma disassociation and the military model of breaking the human down to rebuild them to kill, MK ultra heritage and with the subject of free energy and self sufficiency is its forbidden by the self appointed masters which is why the whole human is shattered as a child and each piece is dependent on the masonic raised models to become dependent on and the system created to prevent us from being dependent on God and our own God given talents which is what they want to keep us from having, land, freedoms and rights and the human condition is a lie we are born upright and whole to start with, they shatter us in their system of care and condition us to model and serve within it to prison keep one another and if we wise up we are for the bad egg masher hence the targeting and teeth showing and the cold shoulder and shrug off and spitting, robbers and stealers of Christ gift and all humans freedom who meddle in the streams of living waters.

    God bless all you guys.

  2. Greetings. My name is Nizin Lopez, I’m a targeted individual, a victim of the illegal long term-unconstitutional Gang-Stalking program. I’ve been a T.I. in Miami/Fla since early 2011 until the present. It is clear that the Feds are behind Organized Stalking. Check out my story: SOUNDCLOUD.COM/USER-814869709. Thank you all.

  3. I believe the Descendants of the Nazi Third Reich SS who are part of the international sadist society, as well as white supremacist descendants of Nazi collaborators and Boer types, pro-abortion Women organized by a woman named Crenshaw, and certain science and bio-medical types who are misanthropic eugenicists, as well as some militaristic types, probably from a war think tank – take your pick- are behind the gangstalking. Marcus Wolfe, the Stasi spy, apparently franchised his Trojan horse to Nazi remnants and other hate groups in all the former Allied Nations. The gangstalkers seem to be traitors and enemy combatants themselves, though I hope I am wrong. Perhaps our governments will have a better explanation someday. Best wishes to all victims – I hope you will be richly rewarded for your patience!

    Odd thing about my tormentors – they use the voice of a gal (my Uncle’s adopted daughter) who claimed she would be the Fifth Reich’s Nazi Empress, as well as the voice of a fellow often accused of recent war crimes who I met as a child. Perhaps a clue, perhaps not.

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