NEW YEAR'S DAY DREAM 2010……….click to read…………interpretations please?? xx

Really vivid movie kinda dream that went on for a good while. Also felt like a healing dream cos I woke up healed in my body after a couple days in hospital with hernia an stomach inflammation an diverticulitus…..

I dreamed I went to visit a married couple I know. They had inherited her family home and had tried in vain to sell it so decided instead to live in it. They had been working really hard to refurbish and redecorate it to make it their own.

From outside it looked nothing too remarkable just a corner house that they had built an extension on. Pre judging before I went in, talking to them through an open window, I said it is not a good idea to live in your childhood home, it will throw you back into child mode and always be out of balance for the one whose home it wasn’t or some such silly psycho babble!!

When I went in, it was like entering a secret wonderland. The garden at the rear was massive and enchanting. The house was sprawling and full of love and a combination of a child’s paradise, with fullsize playhouses, an whole room given over to dolls and toys an a child’s space for make believe…and two modern adults in love love nest. The husband was working particularly hard on a huge bathroom, laying wooden floors and putting in modern lighting etc.

As I went to the windows in the living room at the front of the house I was amazed to see the house overlooked the ocean……it was a 50’s kind of art deco frontage and there house was the corner one at the beginning of a promenade. The views were stunning and it looked like a grand English seaside town, something like Brighton or Margate or Scarborough.

They took me to a different part of the garden at the rear and it had strange beautiful large fish in it and their scales came away in large chunks like beautiful coral, with no harm to the fish, they just regenerated. There was a walkway curving in and out of the fish sanctuary and it was like a huge aquarium wonderland.

There were fish in many surprising places around the house which was about four times larger inside than it had looked from outside. I seemed to sit on some at one stage, but they were cushioned from me and just moved adapting to my arrival.

My Mother arrived, with whom I have a conflicting relationship. I had met her and my Dad on the road when I was en route. My Dad stood in the road outside his car and screamed aggressively at me. My Mother said she did not particularly want to accompany me to my friends house, but somehow she did, I think because my Father drove off in a rage.

When she saw where we were she recognised the seaside town from her childhood, it had a funny name I had never heard but cannot quite remember now, something like Wondergate (she had visited Southend on Sea often as a child for daytrips. Her Father and Mother planned to buy a home there to retire to, but he died 6 months after retirement. My Mother had adored him, much to the chagrin of her resentful and often silent Mother)

Mum showed us an alleyway beside the house where she had bought cockles and mussels as a child, and then pointed to the Opera House at the end of the promenade and said she had sung there many times. She said she had always wanted to bring my Father here and show him her favourite and beloved seaside town, but had never made it back. I was thrilled to get a glimpse of my Mother in beauty and nostalgia mode. I felt vindicated that she was thrilled to be here, after her rude and ungracious response to the invitation originally. I wished my Father could share the moments, but at the same time I was still angry with him.My adorable sons fishing!My adorable sons fishing!

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