NEW! **RED*OCTOBER** The Anke Hill INADMISSIBLE evidence! | Spotlight on Anglesey

The video below is part of Angie’s continuing coverage of the scandal infesting Anglesey – and yes, even that feels like too light a term to describe what continues to go on. Angie does it best, of course, herself in the videos.

As of the 20th October 2021 this is the fourth or fifth part in this continuous coverage, nevertheless this is the latest – explosive – data drop from Angie around this story. Few – if any – (no) other journalists are covering this at all, let alone covering it honestly – most just preferring to pretend it’s not going on.

Modern propaganda often works by wholesale deletion of the truth, so I for one am grateful that Angie powers through her survivor’s thriver’s pain, illness and trauma to show us all the truth so unflinchingly. (Donation links are at the bottom, if you were wondering) . You can bookmark this post as it will continue to be updated with the latest video at the top – you go backwards in time as you scroll down. – ed

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As of mid-2021 we are now a team of three – the two of us who are not Angie are here to hopefully lighten the administrative burden so she can focus on working with, protecting survivors and their disclosures. A lot of this work would not happen without your support, and we are making a re-invigorated appeal for help to keep this going. Any contribution makes a huge difference, big or small – they all remind us that this is a battle the side of good will win eventually. Thank you.

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