SRA Conference 2020 in New York

Hi Friends,

Last weekend there was a 2 day conference held in a church in TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK about Satanic Ritual Abuse. Day One featured a documentary about Hampstead made by a talented young man from a youtube channel called THE TRUTH TRAIN , with commentary by myself.

Day 2 featured EXCELLENT talks by WILFRED WONG and DR GREGORY REID as well as commentary by the Pastors of this church led by an Australian family …they have a base in Sydney Australia too, and I hope to be a satellite for them in Ireland, so impressed am I with their heart for children everywhere, and their flamboyant full self expression in music, dance and performing arts!

They are an established church but fairly new in their online endeavors, but the conference is on youtube for free so I thought I would share the links here.

Really worth the listen…I spent most of Saturday no this and felt really encouraged!