I made this DVD and uploaded to Vimeo more than a decade ago. Hundreds of survivors reached out to me as a result, as well as dozens of family members cutting me off for SPEAKING OUT

I went on with my research to get much closer to the truth of MKUltra, Royal Air Force Paedophile Rings, Drugging for Abuse & Memory Wiping and so much more

But this was raw….possibly triggering for survivors, but ultimately HEALING and I would deeply appreciate if you would share this

Here is another video from the archives on the Survivor Story Hashtag I made, naming people like Lord Bramhall and indirectly Ted Heath, Mike Veale, Jon Wedger etc after a collapsed six month investigation with the lame excuse that my Father has dementia and therefore cannot be questioned ….and the authorities in Ireland and in the British Royal Air Force were unco operative

I will look for the third video in this series and add it

I have managed to get back on the road with PAYPAL but not yet figured out how to share my link so if any feel led to support my journey to healing and the sharing thereof, please feel free to donate on my gofundme. I have recently analysed my stats across Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter and amazed to see I have reached over a million people…if each viewer had donated a euro in the viewing my gofundme fun goal would have been reached!! I am nonetheless hugely grateful to those who HAVE supported me staying afloat and online and please know YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE to the healing of victims of child sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse and truama…THANKYOU

Love always