December 10, 2008 – Wednesday
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The nuns used to say a lady should never discuss politics religion or money…guess that’s why the lady is a tramp…
Many are basking in the historic romanticism of yesterday…yet some are feeling a sense of disappointment apprehension and disillion….with respect I address the latter…

First off just to make sure YOU are centred and grounded and rooted in love…DID YOU VOTE? FOR McCAIN? If you abstained or voted for Obama suck it up…no rudeness intended

It is actually ironic that America is congratulating itself on having come full circle from slavery to a black president when he is HUGELY involved with the current day genocide of abortion. His voting record on that and related issues like infanticide or leaving aborted babies that survived the abortion to die is appalling…he is heavily involved with Planned Parenthood which again is a great irony because it was originally very racist and used as a means of controlling and reducing the black population and is still aborting vastly more black than white babies BUT THEY ARE ALL LITTLE LIVES AND THIS IS MURDER MASS MURDER MASS GENOCIDE…again no rudeness or condemnation implied

McCain was old and blundering and yet a hero this time unsung…Sarah Palin was new naive and sabotaged.yet full of glorious potential…so America bought the dream, tried to recreate the Kenneddy era and FAILED miserably…it was racist in reverse by congratulating itself on electing someone because they were young gifted and black…I hope the gifted part is not too ongoingly disappointing…he looked like a rabbit caught in headlights today and clearly disconnected and yes his wife seems still angry with life?

Having said all that, America has had her most glorious days and the European Union and Russia China Middle East etc are going to be the players on the stage at this particular coming phase…sorry to say this it is just biblically prophecied and I believe it….what is going on in your country at the moment is re arranging deckchairs on the Titanic not because America is going down but because the planet as we know it is going down and tribal self congratulatory legend in our own lunchtime behaviour jars the nerves whereas decades ago it inspired the spirit…

Those who sense the change and move with it will do great things in the coming 4 years…those left behind trying desperately to relate to their beloved country as it used to be could be and should be will be like dinasaurs lamenting their own demise in utter disbelief and confusion

The writing really is on the wall…America has been a huge inspiration and example all over the world…the ability to dream a new dream and realise it is encapsulated in the very word America….and one can be gracious enough to allow this day to celebrate the good if only for the tears of the older black generation who remember the suffering…I do salute them and all who fought for freedom and equality in America…and I even salute Barack Obama for slick and brilliant fund raising and campaigning…

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders oor governers our politicians, all in authority. NOW MORE THAN ANY TIME IN HISTORY THOSE PRAYERS WILL BE NEEDED.

and another thing…
having received a predictable and justifiable American response of ‘who do you think you are to comment on our country or criticise our crisis’…I am reminded that the great country of America was colonised and invaded by us all…no one but the native American Indians can claim authenitc ownership…a Brit was the first to raise a flag and the most charismatic president of all in modern times at least was of Irish descent..
and racism in each and every one of us would cry Go Home…to where you came from..
yet the beauty of this new dilemna of a president who could not possibly live up to his own hype is not in gritting our teeth for 4 years in the hope of better days to come, but in realising that 4 years is possibly all there is left in this era….and no glorious future will arise by bunkering down…
It truly is a case of group conscience…if we do not pray for our leaders they will fail…if we do not pick up the gauntlet each and every individual and see not what Obama can do with the country but what we (you) can do for it..(we all loved Kennedy).if we do not realise that this world wide recession is bigger than any continental boundaries…if we do not smell taste and see the true winds of change
well…lets not talk of if we do not….
A paradigm shift is needed…a new context with no tribalism…a new sense of responsibility and urgency and yet futility too…
We can of our own selves do nothing…
If advice were to be sought…and God knows it should, worldwide…I would venture words from the Book upon which America was founded: Acts 15…YOU ARE TO ABSTAIN FROM FOOD SACRIFICED TO IDOLS…AND FROM SEXUAL IMMORALITY….or in my language…deal with any addictions find your soul mate, your partner in arms, your helpmeet, your Mr or Mrs President and buckle up…it is time for every American to find the hero within.
(We all have addictions…work; sex; alcohol; food; prescription drugs; nicotine; fame and reputation…we can all hang our hats on at least one…we need to moderate and pray…cry and pray)
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…they shall rise up with wings of eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint…Good Luck Barack May God be with you.

Angela Power is an Irish journalist and writer who lived in California for 5 years after graduating. She has a degree in English and American Literature, has published political and religious affairs articles in The Irish Times, Cork Examiner, Irish Tatler, In Dublin Magazine etc. She is also a published poet and playwright in the U.K.

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