THE THAW…………..A poem by Angela Power

My heart is defrosting without my permission
Bitter sweet pangs of pain with surprise
A wave of emotion rolls in unannounced
Heartache injustice secrets and lies

The soul grows immune to means of oblivion
It will have its say on this given day
But God said He’d never give more than I manage
So I rise, greet the challenge, til it fades away

The past cannot be swept under carpets
Lest we forget and repeat………..
Yet if we hold on to the past too tightly
We turn, realise, it has cost us too deep

And if bitter sweet pangs of pain will arise
I know that same heart heralds joy
Like clouds and thunder in darkened skies
A rainbow silver lining even sun like a boy

Or a girl dance with sweet and lasting abandon
Living only this moment, the balance can wait
I can live again No I don’t have to linger
For joy to re surface before Heaven’s Gate

Copyright@2010every cloud has a silver lining!every cloud has a silver lining!

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