#TommyRobinson, #SabineMcNeill, Melanie Shaw UNCUT UNPLUGGED!!

I have watched the explssion in cyber space of the reporting internationally of the arrest of citizen journalist TOMMY ROBINSON with interest over the past few days, despite being confined with a broken ankle and other injuries and not really able to make it to my office PC.

Whilst I am glad we seem to have reached the 100th MONKEY effect in terms of exposing the corruption of the British Judiciary, the censoring of whistleblowers and campaigners, the abuse of D NOTICES originally intended for wartime security and so on, I DO and did have some reservations about this particular story going viral worldwide, especially hitting the mainstream media.

Listening to RICHIE ALLEN give HIS take version of events pushed me into speaking despite currently being the face of someone who would look good on RADIO lol! It is not about me or Richie or even Tommy it is about far bigger agendas taking place and being engineered by the wizards behind the curtain!

Here is my commentary addressing not just TOMMY ROBINSON but the MANY unjust arrests preceding his including that of SABINE McNEILL, 74 year old disabled campaigner, RUPERT QUAINTANCE, American Citizen journalist freed after a 2 week investigation into THE HAMPSTEAD CASE turned into a year on bail with no passport and 5 months in a British jail…..of so many sectioned or imprisoned with gagging orders in place especially around CHILD TRAFFICKING and the SECRET FAMILY COURTS!!

Here is the video by Michael Trimm featuring both Tommy AND SABINE

I hope you will hear out my perspective on not just the Judiciary but also the IMMIGRATION agenda throughout Europe and hear my heart

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