What happens to the VETERANS? A Navy Seal shares his heart

On Memorial Day/Weekend in America I thought it mete to share this update from a veteran Navy Seal homeless in Colorado, yet still with a Lion Heart, with Courage and Dignity

If you would like me feel led to help Greg, please donate via my paypal and mark it FOR GREG…you will hear his dreams and aspirations in the video, he is a proud man and had his own business before the LOCKDOWN which has crashed it like so many others ….http://paypal.me/AngelaPowerDisney

If nothing else, please share and PRAY and spare a thought for veterans worldwide, remembering Captain Field McConnell also in trouble despite decades of service to humanity and his country both in and out of the military…..and remember Greg and the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily in the United States of America, and worldwide many of whom like Greg are HOMELESS

As I said in the video description, Greg has no addictions, just a failed business and a broken heart

Love always