FunVax, Global Good & The Mark of the Beast!!

For my blog followers you probably figured out by now I mostly do videos that is VLOG but I will be writing draft of Part One of CHASING RAINBOWS here soon so keep an eye out for that.

I will also be interviewing ABRAHAM CHRISTIE this week, the boyfriend at the time of ELLA DRAPER the Mother of the HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN and the one who took most of the raw first disclosures which traumatised so many hundreds of millions since 2015

But for now TAKE A LOOK AT THIS and then like me go WOW!!!! This is CRUCIAL for people to know it is NOT conspiracy theory and we need to RISE UP in order to stop this horrendous plan!!

Please share this information, and if you are able, please contribute to my costs for website, online security, software, office etc it would be greatly appreciated xx or

Love and prayers to all