Who is Tracey Morris Parts 2 & 3

Those who know me will know that exposing apparent peers is my LEAST favourite thing to do. This and the previous TRACEY MORRIS deep dive blog are long and wearisome, but CRUCIAL for anybody caught up in a web involving this and other apparently GOOD people in the fight to expose evil and create a safe world for children. Tracey made it her business to take me down and discredit me and has in some ways been more destructive to my work than the orchestrated government blog crowd have. I have had to buck the trend in my nature to simply walk away from injustice with malice aforethought and this and the previous blog are in many ways long overdue.

This is Part 2 which focusses a lot on the tragic BABYH case of a year ago, and what I believe was deliberate sabotage on Tracey’s part…

In Part 3 I draw links between TRACEY MORRIS, MILES JOHNSTON (see Part 1 blog on Morris and the interview she recently did with THE BASES)and JON WEDGER who in a recent facebook livestream referred to Tracey as THE BELFAST BILL MALONEY (perhaps never a truer word spoken, though for different reasons)

Miles is being investigated by police according to MARIE KAYALE and others who have found more than 400 pornography sites associated with his IP address, including some of pre teen porn and snuff movies. Miles maintains there was an error associating his IP with a similar sounding one, but the IP address in question has his name in many of the sites so this theory of his seems a stretch to say the least.

Jon Wedger an alleged police whistle blower has been extensively exposed by BRIAN HARVEY with detailed evidence against both him and his compatriot BILL MALONEY. Check Brian’s youtube channel. Wedger referred to myself as looking like a witch (My Mother taught me personal remarks are rude but there…) and he refused to engage with Brian Harvey who had serious questions and concerns regarding Wedger’s so say campaigning for survivors, of which I am one! Wedger has said he will not name corrupt police as he has a “gentleman’s agreement” with them not to do so. He also worked alongside BILL MALONEY for years despite only resigning from Scotland Yard in 2017!!
There are MANY unanswered questions, and disappearing does not really resolve the issues & concerns including legal ones.

A long time campaigner and survivor recently told me BILL MALONEY extorted 28,000 pounds sterling from survivors whose stories he filmed, including one disabled couple who took a 10,000 pound loan out to pay Bill to document their story. For an alleged award winning film maker who had worked with budgets exceeding a million dollars, Bill’s documentaries were little better than many do with an I PHONE and editing suite, and he still doesn’t seem to know his way around a video camera. I was in the past hugely impacted by the films nonetheless and shed many tears, until I got the behind the scenes story from evidence recorded by BRIAN HARVEY and watched a previou hero topple to the ground spectacularly. Bill similarly seems to have gone in to hiding rather than face the music and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Thus to see these people promoting perhaps the next generation of CHARLATANS as in my opinion TRACEY MORRIS, puts red flags up and confirms that I should have done this expose LONG AGO despite my reluctance

This is the third and final deep dive. ANDY PEACHER had previously threatened to release all correspondence regarding MORRIS, reporting that he had several parents fighting for their children tell him TRACEY MORRIS had sabotaged their cases. Ironically, on that occasion, I was still believing Tracey’s self promoting propaganda, and dissuaded Andy from his planned EXPOSE. I apologise Andy, and if you or any others with information care to add to this, please contact me by facebook messenger, or e mail.