I am not coming down on sides in terms of guilty or not guilty, I am simply observing a court case held in the most shocking manner reminiscent of the Hampstead Case and Cover Up, with potentially even further reaching implications, if that’s possible!

Please download mirror and share this playlist on the case.  More witnesses are coming forward and it is fast unfolding in real time.

Sentencing is scheduled for late September but the date is unknown as Sept 29th was dismissed by one of the barristers.

Keep an eye on this case regardless of the players as it is CRUCIAL. This blog post will be updated with every development we can track as it happens, so you can bookmark this page as well if you like!

Latest Video

Past this point are the videos leading up to the above latest one, largely arranged from most recent to earliest. You can also find them in the dedicated playlist on YouTube. The earliest videos (from the old, nuked channel) are here.

From Archives of Truth (playlist here):

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