(2) VIDEOS CITED for potential court case Part TWO

The illegal order sent to Google in February cited several videos mostly historical from the early days of the Hampstead Case and mostly featuring Sabine and Rupert, see PART ONE of the same title

Another court order dated in APRIL 2020 was issued to Google and this time they gave me ten days to object before releasing my data (none of which is secret anyway, and all of which An Garda Siochana could access from my confiscated computers, or at invitation to my home on my new computer!)

In my next blog I will show my legal response to Google after the APRIL order, but for here and for the record I will document the videos cited in this latest ploy in the attempt to secure an HARRASSMENT trial for Ricky Dearman in Ireland against myself

and possibly this second one which Heather Brown may have added in ?

Not sure if this is a mistake but two updates about the Catholic Rehab I went to come up

I must asm the nun if she put in a complaint ??

this is one about Baby H

this is part of an 8 part series pre Hampstead filmed by MILES JOHNSTON of my own personal history and for some reason Miles put a copyright strike on just this episode so this could also be connected to an additional complaint with people like Heather Brown, Yolande Kenward, Miles Johnston and possibly even Sister Concilio trying to ADD TO the Ricky Dearman case…how very sad and possibly illegal but disturbing to have people potentially queueing up to persecute me on behalf of an alleged satanic ritual abuse cult leader

this one was me addressing ridiculous smear tactic allegations by a previous interviewee who alleged being beaten up by my sons outside Kells Police Station which the Detective Sergeant said was untrue and warranted my sons taking legal action against the accuser

and the final one on that link it grieves me to even share and I have not viewed as it was maliciously made by exposed professional troll KAREN IRVING known as EL COYOTE on the paid trolling blog Hoaxtead Research but I will include it for the record and point you to the vast expose research of her and her background through FRAUD & CORRUPTION UK #1 youtube channel and the excellent WHO IS HOAXTEAD blog also featured online with its multiple victims speaking out

sorry THIS was the final one cited in the APRIL illegal court order


So finally I will feature one of the HOAXTEAD EXPOSE videos and encourage you to look at those for an understanding of why so many of us whistleblowers of the HAMPSTEAD CASE have been persecuted and terrorised for five years

PRAYERS AS ALWAYS APPRECIATED, not only for myself but Sabine still in prison and all those who have been sectioned, harassed and persecuted since trying to help the children of the HAMPSTEAD CASE and beyond

Much love, and hopefully GRACE under pressure

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