ANGELA´S CACHES a fascinating conversation with TESSA B. DICK, wife of Sci Fi Writer PHIL K. DICK

I had a beautiful 2 hour conversation with Tessa on life as a young bride, married to one of the most influential writers in American Science Fiction of the last century….on her own career as an Academic and Author herself, on the possibilities of MKUltra selection and programming for herself and Phil from childhood….on life after divorce and plans to re marry which sadly were scuppered by Phil´s early demise age 53.

Tessa´s most recent book is LIFE ON THE EDGE OF REALITY – a Memoir, available on Amazon, and she is currently working on another book CONVERSATIONS WITH PHIL which is sure to be equally fascinating

Like many authors despite her husband´s books having been adapted into blockbuster movies like BLADERUNNER, TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT etc, Tessa and Phil´s family often find themselves financially challenged and living a life of such modesty it contrasts starkly with the multi millions made in the índustry!  If you can help Tessa with some modest but urgent needs outlined, you can contribute directly here:

I strongly recommend you carve out a couple of hours to listen to this fascinating interview and share it where ever you can….this is documenting history in a lovely, relaxed and profoundly honest heart connection via cyberspace…I think Phil would be proud!

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