Late promo here People but following the unfolding mystery around the disappearance of Common Law Lawyer PATRICK CULLINANE as it develops daily ….tune in between 5pm and 7pm today Monday 28th November or catch up in archives a couple days later.
Follow the story also with Andy Peacher, Ved Chaudheri/Neelu and others who are leading the field with boots on the ground and fearless, irreverent pursuit of truth. Anybody who knows Patrick would agree that was and hopefully is still his modus operandi….

Dee Gardner lives in Belfast in the North of Ireland, and has been a campaigner, activist and whistle blower for 22 years….I look forward to making her acquaintance and hearing her testimonies including the NON funeral of Saturday just gone

This should be a profound and mind boggling show ….please join us in the search for TRUTH

and on a different subject this is my video of the week….it is old but had some serious lightbulbs go off for me, particularly around the KHASHOOGI family for whom I worked in the late ’70’s. I am going to buy Josh Reeves latest movie SPELLCASTERS which is getting excellent reviews


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