Chasing Rainbows D.I.D. Diaries | when being ‘offended’ is good for you! | 24 November 2016

Tune in this evening between 6 and 8pm UK time live or catch up on archives in a couple of days although you might not want to wait for this one

1. Here is some SHOCKING truth to kick off ! Take the best leave the rest and TEST it for yourself!

2. Hour One will be about wait for it MONEY ooh SWEAR WORD lol! There is no shame in having DONATE buttons!! That mindset is SOCIAL ENGINEERING to keep the poor poor and make HAPPY SLAVES! I will be doing financial housekeeping with transparency and making a SHAMELESS APPEAL lol!

3. Hour Two will be controversial uncomfortable but CRUCIAL if the truth movement really is about TRUTH. It will also be a demonstration of UNITY where previous schisms have surfaced as myself and ANDY PEACHER not only stand shoulder to shoulder but link up to merge the first hour of his live podcast in to my Thursday show for the purpose of relentlessly pursueing the TRUTH surrounding the unacceptably suspicious death of a colleague and warrior PATRICK CULLINANE…there are too many questions to be answered and we cannot pretend to be truth tellers if we get all squeamish and religious about not wanting to OFFEND…the best gift I can give when someone is either taken out or exiled is to GO AFTER THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER and in this I salute colleagues ANDY PEACHER, NEELU BERRY and many others who continue to send in intel.

THIS IS IN NO WAY TO INSULT OR MINIMISE GRIEF IN PATRICK’S FAMILY….please see the bigger picture and remember that Patrick gave decades of his life to do exactly that

Love respect and COURAGE!

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