ANGELA’S CACHES..the word of their testimony with DAN DUVAL

As we are finding out more and more about previously occulted secret societies, dark arts, black magic, satanism and the shadow government also known as the ELITE or ILLUMINATI, victims, survivors and awakening human beings especially TARGETED INDIVIDUALS are looking for tools for survival and overcoming on a supernatural level….DAN DUVAL is a cutting edge non conventional Christian preacher and teacher with a worldwide online ministry including specialising in helping those with D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) heal from MKULTRA and other abuses at the hands of the dark side ultimately functioning under lucifer

“DIMENSIONS OF GLORY & KINGDOM WARFARE is designed to impart spiritual wisdom and knowledge to all who are hungry for a greater revelation and understanding of the “Mechanics” of the Kingdom of God… about Parallel Dimensions, Glory Mechanics, How to Live a Life of Miracles, Quick and Effective Dimensional Warfare, and other breakthrough realities from Daniel Duval who is a forerunning leader and communicator in Supernatural truths.

You will also learn about fresh cutting edge spiritual warfare rules of engagement that when applied to your personal life will propel you further and more completely into effective deliverance work from demonic influences and entities in ways you could have ever imagined.”

This is Dan’s website

Tune in between 5pm and 7pm for what should be a profound and powerful two hour show, or catch up in archives or on youtube a couple days later

My video of the week is the following about the final card in the Illuminati deck of a fake alien invasion as a tool to sweep in the desired New World Order….test everything, I am not convinced about Assange or Trump but for the most part this video is spot on !

Finally the mystery surrounding the sudden and untimely death of Patrick Cullinane continues, but for those who would like to attend, there is a Requiem Mass in Harrow this coming Wednesday evening at 7pm and a buriel ceremony in Ireland on Saturday. Contact Ved Chaudhari on facebook for details

God bless and hope you guys tune in for some real insights and tools for the times in which we are living…we were BORN for such a time as this!!


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