APOLOGIES ALWAYS ACCEPTED The Christine Joanna Hart Accusations against me …..

I usually avoid wasting precious time clearing my name, proving my innocence or cat fighting with other adults, especially those purportedly in the same field of ‘truth’ journalism….at this stage of my life having raised my children and delighting in two grandchildren, I exert energy almost exclusively on my passions in the twilight years of my life: my first passion is to point any searching for truth, freedom and healing towards JESHUA JESUS. Jesus, without whom I would not have survived my life as a child abuse victim, a trauma based mind control victim, an unwitting subject of horrific ‘research’ carried on post WW2 building on the diabolical experiments conducted by the Angel of Death and his Nazi Cohorts one JOSEF MENGELE.
My second passion is to do all I can to expose and end CHILD ABUSE. The Bible says, ‘Freely you have received, now freely give’….it also says, ‘When you are healed, turn and heal your brothers and sisters’….it is in this field that I am one of many who have worked voluntarily and tirelessly since February 2015 and for some since September 2014, on exposing THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP…..after the heart wrenching disclosures of Alissa and Gabriel aged 9 & 8 at the time, about alleged horrific ritual abuse by their Father and a cult ring of sodomising, child murdering paedophiles operating out of a wealthy suburb in LONDON.
I am still at a loss as to why the above mentioned radio host took a position of disbelieving the testimonies of the children and empathising with the alleged cult leader and named abuser RICKY DEARMAN to the extent that she is publicly stating her belief that he is being defamed and persecuted by myself and the other hundreds of thousands who BELIEVE THE CHILDREN and the mountain of evidence corroborating their testimonies uncovered by good people, professionals and amateur, since the case went viral online more than a year ago. Here is an article written by Christine about her empathy for ‘evil’ men, a point I made in the radio interview which is still up, linked to the station as requested by her Boss btw
The disputed video is still on my youtube channel although I personally cannot access it at the moment because of a complaint put in by Christine ! I will be sending a link to this note as part of my counter claim defence.
I will reluctantly publish the email thread with her boss HAWK of Revolution Radio although I should not have to…. I am also reluctantly publishing ALL my interactions since cyber meeting said Christine in an effort to be transparent and dismantle the accusations made by her calling me a liar and much more disturbingly calling Alissa and Gabriel ‘liars’ by her stance.
[08/01/2016 14:46:33] Christine Joanna Hart: PS Ange Im 52 – but I lie by default – even muy son thinks Im 42. Its emabrasment over not being married ever. Just thought Id let you know as felt bad about lying to you. Pls keep it to just you. Thanks for prayers and eveything X
[10/01/2016 10:53:15] Angie Power-Disney: Ha ha I understand! And you look 42 x I felt bad about saying on air under pressure that I was in Ireland and your producers no doubt could see via technology that I was clearly in LANZAROTE SPAIN lol !
[10/01/2016 10:53:50] Angie Power-Disney: Any feedback? Where is a link to the show? Have you asked Miles to ‘hang’ it?
[10/01/2016 14:03:47] Christine Joanna Hart: Hi Ange – Miles is behaving oddly I send him messages and I only got one response re my text on old you tube. Do you think we got together and bitched about him – maybe!! Can you also ask him. I will soon have the mp3 – but Miles knows how to download. You could maybe say jokingly – we didnt talk about you Miles. Yes I do look younger – so hate saying older as dont feel it. My son even thinks Im 42 – oh well ))) Have a good one. Be nice to go out and visit with you – love warm places. Thanks for all – I thought it was great lovely and glamourous. I enjoyed it and you must come back on. X
[10/01/2016 14:24:31] Angie Power-Disney: Yes I really enjoyed it too, and was sincere in the invitation to visit …Miles is possibly scared because he thinks I may out him for his posh school paedophiia disclosures and more intimidating for him were his disclosures and others regarding his porn addiction and possible involvement with porn production etc so he is running scared. My recordings have a beep throughout which is possibly a freedom talk radio thing to prevent others uploading before them etc but could get it cleaned up and uploaded….really wanna upload the afterchat as well cos it was hilarious and blindingly honest….tell Douglas to marry you or fuck off lol classic!
[10/01/2016 14:25:02] Angie Power-Disney: won’t upload or ambush you….we were programmed to spy mercilessly but with Christ we have a different agenda not for harm but for good
[10/01/2016 14:31:38] Christine Joanna Hart: did youget that – lol – ok. lol. Did I slag anyone off? lol. Id so love to do that to Laura. Did I say I was in love with him? I dont mind it coming out. After chats are cool. Miles is being a baby. You can upload thats ok – its not on archives yet – I have the password – but cant locate it at mo – Miles has it. Ill carry on looking for it – my son cleared up now everything is not where I put it. X
[10/01/2016 14:49:20] Christine Joanna Hart: PS Can I hear off record stuff before you hang?
[10/01/2016 17:43:21] Christine Joanna Hart: o it doesnt matter
[11/01/2016 14:13:27] Christine Joanna Hart: Hi Ange – Hawk hasnt hung our chat – he said he didnt have the studio on as I had asked to not do fridays. Can you give your version to Miles. Hopefully he will be able to trun up volume or fix clicks. X
[11/01/2016 14:13:41] Angie Power-Disney: yeah sure sorry just seeing this will send you both my recordings unlisted but as I say beep interference
[11/01/2016 14:14:18] Angie Power-Disney: WOWSERS that is too funny thank goodness I RECORDED lol !! They are messing with you !
[11/01/2016 14:14:29] Angie Power-Disney: who is hawk??
[11/01/2016 14:14:43] Angie Power-Disney: gimme five gonna go get the links an put them here
[11/01/2016 14:15:14] Angie Power-Disney: Miles may not like the aftershow but I have someone else who may edit
[11/01/2016 14:16:41] Christine Joanna Hart: oh excellent. I can then put on facebook so at least get out somehow. I have to et my own you tube as at moment isnt worth doing the damn shows as no one is listening at 6am. Hawk is giving me a btter time slot – and will then let go of todays show. It feels nuts speaking on air and no listeners. Hawk is owner of Rev Radio. Thanks be great – maybe you can post in Bases. (if it is bad after caht maybe cut it and just post the show??) I cant do this as not tech minded.
[11/01/2016 14:18:29] Angie Power-Disney: I haven’t learned to convert audio to video files so give me an e mail address an I will send by win zip
[11/01/2016 14:19:12] Christine Joanna Hart: win zip? argenintelligence@gmail.com
[11/01/2016 14:20:55] Christine Joanna Hart: Can alwasy have you back on show. Are you going to the conference in august?
[11/01/2016 14:21:47] Angie Power-Disney: winzip is a way to send long audio files by e mail. I think Douglas an the bitch more influential with rev radio than perhaps you realise an he or she are showing you who is boss since you got strong about he could not hijack your show re Japan pearl harbour etc?
[11/01/2016 14:22:18] Angie Power-Disney: it is a GREAT aftershow but he may feel vulnerable Miles will send to you
[11/01/2016 14:28:15] Christine Joanna Hart: probably – since he got me show. miles will send what ???
[11/01/2016 17:05:43] Angie Power-Disney: i sent both files to you and main show to Miles
[11/01/2016 19:12:17] Christine Joanna Hart: oh bum I thought Miles had all of it – I just apologised for talking about his rape at 12. I assumed you gave it to him – he text me to say he had it.
[11/01/2016 19:35:21] Angie Power-Disney: OH SHIT Christine!! FFS??
[11/01/2016 19:40:42] Christine Joanna Hart: Sorry – he took it bad and then hung up on me.
[11/01/2016 19:40:47] Christine Joanna Hart: I feel bad.
[11/01/2016 19:41:23] Christine Joanna Hart: I assumed when he texted me to say your stuff is up there that he had it all. So I said well sorry – didnt mean to gossip about you.
[11/01/2016 19:42:09] Christine Joanna Hart: He will hear it though at some point wont he as that was main thing we talked about – plus Douglas.
[11/01/2016 19:42:32] Angie Power-Disney: I better send him the after show now
[11/01/2016 19:42:55] Christine Joanna Hart: oh no I though you had. I call him ugly also in it. or I def said something off.
[11/01/2016 19:43:06] Christine Joanna Hart: I was bothered about that.
[11/01/2016 19:43:09] Angie Power-Disney: I was not gonna publish after show unless you an I both agreed an was gonna let Miles hear it first
[11/01/2016 19:43:25] Christine Joanna Hart: Ohh I see. Sorry I thought you were gung ho about it.
[11/01/2016 19:43:34] Christine Joanna Hart: I assumed you wanted to confront him
[11/01/2016 19:44:09] Christine Joanna Hart: Did I call him ugly?
[11/01/2016 19:45:18] Angie Power-Disney: No you didn’t call him ugly that is a self blame naughty girl program kicking in we did nothing wrong except you put your foot in it without reading my messages properly today but you are raising a child alone but also still a bit open to manipulation you probably wanted to keep Miles on board did you blame me for the gossip? SHIT ha ha I am gonna pray I have no desire to bury the guy. You an I were both spies I guess one of us was bound to spill somehow or both but WHAT THE DEVIL MEANS FOR HARM GOD CAN TURN TO GOOD
[11/01/2016 19:49:53] Christine Joanna Hart: Im sure you said have you had sex with Miles and I said yuk no. That was only part bothered about so – thought when he text me he had put up your stuff. I said thats oss Hawk said it didnt tpae and he said he got it off you. So I said oh look Im sorry about talking about you and the raping. I assumed you had given him it. Oh well -maybe it is better that his fans know him better. No didnt blame you – but I did wonder dd you want it out there. He seemd more upset wiht me than you. He said you pineer sexual abuse cases and that was probabaly why you wanted it out there. Then he cut off.
[11/01/2016 19:51:46] Christine Joanna Hart: Yes my head is deeved bringing up a chld alone.
[11/01/2016 22:45:21] Christine Joanna Hart: Hi Ange heard our show on tranfer but not other chat. Terrible sound – let me ask Richard y.
[12/01/2016 00:44:20] Christine Joanna Hart: ..ask Richard if he can get copy of the show off my computer – he put on a tape thing but I dont know how to operate it.
[12/01/2016 10:45:42] Angie Power-Disney: No you didn’t. I asked if you had been to bed with him you just said No. The only person you were funny mean to was referring to FAT INDIAN MAN or similar! Miles is FLIPPING OUT see convos following
[12/01/2016 10:46:41] Angie Power-Disney: Miles that is rude and undeserved and I am NOT off my trolley, abusive to say that but I forgive you.
Stop throwing your toys out of the pram and calm down
I did not use the word RAPE Christine did.
I relayed that you said you HAD AN AFFAIR and when I asked you at what age you said 12.
Sandy can verify that unless you discredit her too as off her trolley? You are better than that.
Go ahead and edit out the stuff you disclosed and retracted I am not attached either way. It is your journey.
Address the porn thing or not, you know more than Joanne have picked up on that but at least half the populations has a porn addiction, again not my issue tho I abhor it
I have always said in response to enquiries you are a gentleman and a scholar
Please remember that
[12/01/2016 10:47:34] Angie Power-Disney: I wrote that in response to THIS
[12/01/2016 10:47:39] Angie Power-Disney: Miles Johnston 11/01/2016
To: angela power
Angela I was NOT fucking raped by ANYONE EVER. This is Gross Defamation and you are off your trolly
[12/01/2016 13:45:15] Christine Joanna Hart: Oh dear. Tell him I got it wrong.
[12/01/2016 13:45:42] Christine Joanna Hart: Its in the past now anyway. Maybe he should do a Bases around it.
[12/01/2016 13:48:10] Christine Joanna Hart: Sorry. I should have said nothing. Im looking for work have bills up to the ceiling so my head is filled most of time – its hard to do the show – infact will give it up soon – I dont even have any damn listeners. FYI Richard should be able to get your show. He said if I heard music and ads then Hawk is wrong. Im wating for him to come back to me. But will Miles hang it now hes upset. Hes been upset/rude with me before and after time he does calm down. Just say I got it wrong. x
[12/01/2016 13:49:00] Christine Joanna Hart: Why do men get so touchy about their childhood abuse! We women come out and scream it – they deny it.
[12/01/2016 14:47:21] Angie Power-Disney: I HATE the term it’s in the past now cos it is usually an abuser apology
[12/01/2016 14:48:00] Angie Power-Disney: Who is RICHARD? And yes they are bullshitting saying they didn’t record
[12/01/2016 14:48:09] Angie Power-Disney: and yes Miles will get over it
[12/01/2016 14:48:26] Christine Joanna Hart: well its in his past and he clearly does not want to deal with it. Rich is owner of the show.
[12/01/2016 14:49:20] Angie Power-Disney: sorry about the bills. I am NOT a woman of means but like you should probably take legal action in MANY areas as in your brother your abusive Mother etc?
[12/01/2016 14:51:20] Christine Joanna Hart: Shes dead. Id like to sue the Crusade of Rescue who still operate.
[12/01/2016 14:51:39] Angie Power-Disney: many of these global shows hunt for talent for FREE they flatter folk into believing they will be famous while THEY grab the advertising revenue etc it is VULGAR you are very talented and interesting and I will pray for BOTH of us to make an honest living and/or meet a REAL MAN who knows what a privilege it is to have an intelligent funny sexy wife
[12/01/2016 14:51:48] Christine Joanna Hart: Prob John Boyall and News Corps.
[12/01/2016 14:52:03] Christine Joanna Hart: lol
[12/01/2016 14:52:11] Christine Joanna Hart: yes hope so.
[12/01/2016 14:52:23] Angie Power-Disney: I KNOW your Mother died but you should equally inherit
[12/01/2016 14:52:32] Christine Joanna Hart: Im not sure the damn show has any listeners – the only air it gets is Miles.
[12/01/2016 14:53:03] Christine Joanna Hart: Yes – mum gave it to her freinds and the church. Oddly he nursed her and she left him out.
[12/01/2016 14:54:11] Angie Power-Disney: well good for Miles but still WE earn nothing…give 10% of your income away no matter how small and do it with faith. see MONEY WHO’S GOT IT etc on my youtube channel
[12/01/2016 14:54:45] Angie Power-Disney: there is a legal precedent to overturn your mothers will
[12/01/2016 14:55:38] Christine Joanna Hart: oh ok will try thanks. Its nil at moment. )) Really? Lawyer says not. I even found a later will more favourable to us but she said no signatures on it as witnesses. So the first one via age concern wins out.
[12/01/2016 14:56:12] Angie Power-Disney: solicitors lie
[12/01/2016 14:56:45] Angie Power-Disney: or are lazy or incompetent am talking to myself too am sitting on gold mines if I FIGHT
[12/01/2016 14:59:16] Christine Joanna Hart: yes. I will look into it. The Indy printed defame about me and admitted it but say well we cant pay you but if you say you wont come after us we will take it down – wankers. PS Id like to – like you campaign about chld abuse but it gets me down as rebounds on my own and dont want it in the air all the time – want to move on. I wish I could change that.
[12/01/2016 15:23:49] Angie Power-Disney: THERE IS no moving on or around only THROUGH as in 40 years in wilderness
[12/01/2016 20:38:12] Christine Joanna Hart: Yes you’re right.
[12/01/2016 20:39:13] Christine Joanna Hart: Good news I can have my last two shows. Bad news is I cant get them as no good in transfers so will ask the delightful Miles. One is you – the other is he.
[12/01/2016 20:46:24] Christine Joanna Hart: well hes not replied to my text so he may be pissy about the pair of us. I’m sure it will pass.
[12/01/2016 20:47:16] Angie Power-Disney: he is not talking to me at the moment so good luck with that !
[12/01/2016 20:47:43] Angie Power-Disney: we transfer is very easy to use and free
[12/01/2016 20:47:48] Christine Joanna Hart: I’m sure he will in a bit – he did that to me once. He’s very moody.
[12/01/2016 20:48:08] Angie Power-Disney: Did you say he told you he had put ours up?
[12/01/2016 20:49:02] Christine Joanna Hart: I will let him do it – but if he doesnt in a day or so then I shall have to ask my brother. Yes – he told me he had put it up. Can’t find it though. (If he has Ill get him to replace it as sound is awful with beeping)
[12/01/2016 20:49:54] Angie Power-Disney: he would have cleaned up beeping. I couldn’t find it either. Let me know how it goes x
[12/01/2016 20:52:56] Christine Joanna Hart: ok.. sure.
[12/01/2016 20:53:51] Christine Joanna Hart: let me know if you have any ideas for fridays show. x
[12/01/2016 20:55:48] Christine Joanna Hart: I know – ‘Men who have been sexually abused and Cannot Face up to it.’ With special focus on Doug D and Miles J. We can discuss it at length picking them both apart. Ha.
[13/01/2016 13:00:21] Angie Power-Disney: yikes!!
[13/01/2016 13:00:39] Angie Power-Disney: is it really scooping zero listeners?
[13/01/2016 15:53:46] Christine Joanna Hart: yes. I need to get a you tube channel. the only time get listeners is when miles puts it on bases. I dont know how to move it from Rev Radio to you tube. I think 300 or so listen to the show but it is shit time – they have now given me the eve slot thurs 7 – 9. Dietrich has best slots.
[13/01/2016 19:42:01] Angie Power-Disney: Do you want me to set you up a youtube channel? Thurs eve not a bad slot but youtube and facebook twitter etc essential for marketing also. I don’t know how to convert mp3 to video for youtube but my daughter does so I will learn x
[13/01/2016 19:48:48] Christine Joanna Hart: YESSS be great. Thankyou!! What should I call it? I have tried to do one but it seems bit wet wimp – will send you it. I dont know how to hang on it or do pic. Hold on. They are calling the new show Queen of Hearts but someone said it was not respectful of Diana.
[13/01/2016 20:31:48] Christine Joanna Hart:
[13/01/2016 20:31:58] Christine Joanna Hart: There it is it sits there doing nowt.
[14/01/2016 13:52:36] Angie Power-Disney: that is right they are trying to profit off American nostalgia for British establishment
[14/01/2016 13:53:09] Angie Power-Disney: can we talk briefly later? I have an old voicemail and a new e mail from Miles an I’m scared to open them lol !
[14/01/2016 13:53:20] Angie Power-Disney: I’m doing an interview 1 til 2
[14/01/2016 13:59:12] Christine Joanna Hart: Sure – I am here now – think prob around at 3 but if not try me later. Im sure he ll be ok. Hes stroppy to me sometimes. I didnt mention the porn – so to say he was abused is actually caring.
[15/01/2016 11:38:58] Angie Power-Disney: it was the word raped that sent him over the edge as only when he gets that what he thought was consent was by dint of his age and environment was not consent but he is denying it altogether now …are you doing your show or can we connect for a short skype?
[15/01/2016 15:28:39] Christine Joanna Hart: Hiya slept in as did show last night – now rushing for school pick up – later is ok though. Miles is fine with you x
[15/01/2016 15:54:06] Angie Power-Disney: ok chat later gonna go swim x
[17/01/2016 13:40:33] *** Missed call from Christine Joanna Hart. ***
[18/04/2016 10:42:23] Christine Joanna Hart: Dearheart where are you????
[18/04/2016 20:12:16] Angie Power-Disney: I am so so sorry I sent you a facebook message this morning….too much chaos….son had medical appointment,,,niece needed airport run….head too full I am REALLY sorry. Did Colleen connect?
[18/04/2016 23:25:24] Christine Joanna Hart: Dont worry Ange – I get that too – x Miles turned up so he took up most of it with an update. First half an hour I just chatted to Colleen. It was very messy X
[18/04/2016 23:33:07] Angie Power-Disney: feel awful
[18/04/2016 23:34:04] Christine Joanna Hart: oh no it was ok – producer didnt show either so sound was bad at start. Oh well – you ok now? x
[21/04/2016 18:59:38] Christine Joanna Hart: Are you here?
[23/04/2016 14:28:31] Angie Power-Disney: am ok just reminded why I am moving to Lanzarote…..x can reschedule when ever suits me but best with a couple days notice while I am doing house children medical finances admin etc….just got diagnosed with onset osteoporosis in spine an for some reason it hurts like hell in Irish climate but no pain at all in sunshine when swimming walking etc….huge row with ex tenant yesterday then with ex flat mate who was spineless when asked to back me up about the state tenants left my house in….niece and 6 family members visiting in my 3 bed house an emotions flying with extended family dynamics for upcoming one year anniversary THING for my sister which given that many of us feel my Dad murdered her, doing the MAKE THINGS LOOK NORMAL WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY shit is challenging ….how are you holding up? How is your inheritance scenario with your brother?
[23/04/2016 14:28:46] Angie Power-Disney: p.s. I accepted the producer request
[24/04/2016 01:08:56] Christine Joanna Hart: Hi Ange – waht was the producer request – ohh Pat. That all sounds tough. My broother is supposed selling in a few weeks but I odnt know waht is going on – despo to get out of here an neighbour is slashing my tyres – got cops involve and today he did his forth – so costing a lot and its making me on edge. Hes denied it but dont know who else it could be. Hate this area. I just found out about Hampstead – couldnt listen beofre but have now – waht do you think about it all? That Ray Savage guy is awesome are you guys mates?? Much love C x
[24/04/2016 17:14:19] Angie Power-Disney: PatriK Anglsidh
[25/04/2016 00:31:17] Christine Joanna Hart: yes – are you on this week or not?
[25/04/2016 00:38:27] Angie Power-Disney: Tajinder said you have Monday sorted so Thursday? He just said no worries on missing two connections last week an good to be connected now for future
[25/04/2016 00:46:15] Christine Joanna Hart: connected? hasnt he lined up Sara for thursday?
[25/04/2016 00:46:36] Christine Joanna Hart: Im havng my tyres slashed so not abe to follow all this.
[25/04/2016 00:46:48] Christine Joanna Hart: had cops round earlier. 4 done now.
[25/04/2016 00:47:01] Christine Joanna Hart: Car is in hiding but if they want they can drive round and find it.
[25/04/2016 00:47:08] Angie Power-Disney: No idea. Don’t stress . I just apologised and said happy to reschedule whenever as long as I get a couple days notice x
[25/04/2016 00:47:53] Angie Power-Disney: And I am talking about your PRODUCER said good to be connected on skype for future scheduling. You ok?
[25/04/2016 00:55:10] Christine Joanna Hart: ahh. No very stressed wiht the car tyres thing.
[25/04/2016 00:55:48] Christine Joanna Hart: best get some rest – car in hidden spot miles away – hope its ok. night A x
[25/04/2016 00:56:41] Angie Power-Disney: so sorry about car….should not have to hide it….look forward to catch up…sleep tight x
[25/04/2016 10:53:14] Christine Joanna Hart: x
[25/04/2016 10:54:44] Christine Joanna Hart: are you around today?
[25/04/2016 10:54:47] Christine Joanna Hart: Now?
[25/04/2016 17:59:16] Angie Power-Disney: Only in now…..Tajinder said you had today’s guest sorted?
[26/04/2016 00:35:51] Christine Joanna Hart: Lisa came on it was last minute. Sara is on Thurs – maybe you next Monday???? x
[26/04/2016 00:53:19] Christine Joanna Hart: shall we get savage on with us?
[26/04/2016 01:16:54] Angie Power-Disney: yes. And I am concerned about this altho it may be par for the course but first time happening to me they are getting braver
[26/04/2016 01:17:20] Angie Power-Disney:
Regarding your account: Angela Power-Disney
We have received a legal complaint regarding your video from the government. After review, the following video: Part 2 ABE and ELLA discussing tomorrow’s ‘judgement’ regarding the beautiful Hampstead Children has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):
The YouTube Team
[26/04/2016 01:18:02] Angie Power-Disney: yes next Monday it is probably important to get the word out given development above
[26/04/2016 09:14:30] Christine Joanna Hart: oh great – I don’t know that much about it so be good show – will Ray come on with you? x
[26/04/2016 10:04:01] Angie Power-Disney: Do you want me to ask him?
[26/04/2016 10:52:42] Angie Power-Disney: I sent him a facebook message. Monday is the anniversary of my sister’s suspicious death. Very poignant date for the show. x
[26/04/2016 10:53:10] Angie Power-Disney: I may set up another skype account as my interview recording software has been collapsed on this account
[26/04/2016 11:27:08] Christine Joanna Hart: Yes please. Sorry to hear that – gee not only tres slashed but just got a cal from tax office been selected for investigation.
[26/04/2016 23:43:38] Angie Power-Disney: Ray is on retreat next week with no internet so I just said hopefully raincheck….
[26/04/2016 23:44:22] Angie Power-Disney: aw SHIT you are getting heavy harassment too they are such cowards going after women on their own with enough on their hands
[26/04/2016 23:53:32] Christine Joanna Hart: exactly. Fuck oh well you will have to hold your own sure you can X
[27/04/2016 09:28:13] Angie Power-Disney: Young Jake Clarke would be good to have on too?
[27/04/2016 09:29:13] Angie Power-Disney: Bent Hampstead cop just intimidated him saying BLAME ANGIE FOR YOU SPEAKING UP ABOUT HAMPSTEAD AN WE WILL LET YOU OFF WITH A CAUTION….IF NOT YOU WILL GO TO TRIAL….he is only about 22 but he said TRIAL PLEASE lol
[27/04/2016 12:34:36] Christine Joanna Hart: ok – you sort that out – I’m not clued up on it all Ange X Taj sorted sara for this thurs – God knows what the f I will have to say with her.
[02/05/2016 10:38:54] Angie Power-Disney: can you pass that to your producer an is it the same guy who connected with me the last time?
[02/05/2016 10:39:08] Angie Power-Disney: If not my skype address as you know is
[02/05/2016 10:39:11] Christine Joanna Hart: ok – kool – can you pls send his link – to that thing you do on skype send contact – to Patrik???
[02/05/2016 10:40:07] Angie Power-Disney: my pamela interview software has been crashed and I don’t think I can get it working again until I get a new laptop which won’t be until I return to Spain mid May hopefully
[02/05/2016 10:40:39] Angie Power-Disney: I can just send his skype address if Patrick is the producer?
[02/05/2016 10:41:09] Christine Joanna Hart: Pamela
[02/05/2016 10:44:00] Angie Power-Disney: shall we have Jake on the second hour so you don’t have to ‘dismiss’ him ?
[02/05/2016 10:44:14] Christine Joanna Hart: who is he
[02/05/2016 10:45:49] Angie Power-Disney: well I can explain on air let me get my shit together cos countdown on …he is a young lad very involved with activism and campaigning ….from an upper middle class family in Milton Keynes…well maybe not upper middle class more self made working class upgrade I am only talking this outrageous way with you lol cos I know you understand the British class system so am trying to speak in shorthand
[02/05/2016 10:46:41] Angie Power-Disney: he contacted me about Hampstead I interviewed him three times then a dodgy DETECTIVE CONSTABLE based in Hampstead INVITED him in for questioning an offered a deal to blame me an quit talking about Hampstead or RISK TRIAL AN JAIL lol
[02/05/2016 10:47:38] Angie Power-Disney: He had a mini breakdown when TROLLING and GANG STALKING started an he is just persevering….he is not loony but a bit new age a bit David Icke but SOLID and adorable
[02/05/2016 10:47:57] Angie Power-Disney: Now I am gonna go quiet til 11 cos need to focus
[02/05/2016 10:52:36] Christine Joanna Hart: eeeekkkkk not sure I want this on me – I have my own mega attacks going on.
[02/05/2016 10:53:28] Angie Power-Disney: ok well speak now or forever hold your peace lol cos he is on standby for second hour an your producer is connecting the set up now….say a prayer you the brave one an follow your heart….
[02/05/2016 10:56:14] Christine Joanna Hart: ok – well keep t light as poss not to heavy or accusing.
[02/05/2016 10:56:53] Angie Power-Disney: right
[02/05/2016 12:55:49] Angie Power-Disney: Bravo well done and wasn’t Jake great. Am a bit triggered so am gonna go out for an hour and re group an will de brief later x love you
[02/05/2016 12:56:13] Christine Joanna Hart: it was cool! well done guys x
[02/05/2016 12:56:45] Angie Power-Disney: you too and hope I didn’t cut too close for you x
[02/05/2016 12:57:06] Christine Joanna Hart: no its fine – bit brutal!! i forgive you x
[02/05/2016 17:32:30] Angie Power-Disney: I had to be tough with you I am so sorry but for Gabriel and Alissa’s sake I could not stay silent and leave the show with empathy and credibility for the father….I know your perceptions are deep and valid but I also know the mountain of evidence and the suffering of the children….thankyou for forgiving me x
[02/05/2016 18:25:23] Christine Joanna Hart: Thats ok – maybe you can send me links – it was a balanced show – not all anti him and not all for so listeners can make up own minds – I have not read that much about it only one YT video so any links or vids – send over and maybe later down line we can do another show about it. x
[02/05/2016 22:44:49] Angie Power-Disney: ok it was a very profound show and I am grateful for the levels of honesty and vulnerability that it came from….let me know how the feedback comes in an when you have a youtube link so I can share it……will send you some links x
[02/05/2016 22:55:57] Christine Joanna Hart: Thanks A x
[02/05/2016 23:44:25] Christine Joanna Hart: is the vanessa fitzpatrick stuff true
[03/05/2016 00:02:27] Christine Joanna Hart: why is DLV talking about it?
[03/05/2016 09:32:04] Angie Power-Disney: I will give you a few salient facts that I personally have been given. The forensic evidence, the medical evidence, the professional analysis of the videos, the computer evidence about the Father’s online activities, the Independent Police Complaints Commission evidence etc are all readily available online. Sabine McNeill has two blogs and is a scientist who previously worked for CERN and has an amazing precise mathematical mind. Her documented evidence is superb for which she has been arrested now 4 times and is due to stand trial in July with a Judge and Jury where hopefully like Ben Fellows she will be acquitted but has been more or less successfully silenced about Hampstead for more than a year. One of her blogs is called WHISTLEBLOWER KIDS or something like that. Another is VICTIMS UNITE all are impeccable in documents and law. The creator of the above video as well as two now inactive but one accessible evidence blog is CHARLOTTE WARD aka JACQUI FARMER. She with me is the only other figurehead not to be arrested as she is based in Brazil having been harassed and I think jailed in the past for campaigning against child abuse. Hampstead Research blog tho inactive has enormous amounts of evidence too. HAMPSTEAD COVER UP blog is run by the Mother and step father who both are weird an he possibly cult involved on the fringe but I’m not sure. And then there is a playlist on my ANGELA POWER DISNEY youtube channel with perhaps 20 or 30 videos of the case since March 2015. And a couple on my other youtube channel ANGIE POWER DISNEY when my main channel was being sabotaged probably by GCHQ
[03/05/2016 09:32:25] Angie Power-Disney: THE PERSONAL STUFF I will tell you although a bit drained just by writing all the above are things like
[03/05/2016 09:33:14] Angie Power-Disney: 1. Richie Allen admitted a year later during interviews or after interviews with Fiona Barnett and David Shurter that he perhaps should have believed the Hampstead children and felt badly
[03/05/2016 09:34:33] Angie Power-Disney: 2. a childhood friend of the child of JUSTICE LOWELL GODDARD who was friends with his Mother apologised to me about a year after Hampstead broke for thinking at first that the Hampstead case was a hoax and said he fully believed the children after following the case and worldwide interviews on it for a year
[03/05/2016 09:35:28] Angie Power-Disney: 3. A serving POLICE SURGEON/CONSULTANT who specialises in examining abuse victims for the police especially children contacted me directly and still does to say KEEP GOING WITH HAMPSTEAD YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK
[03/05/2016 09:36:43] Angie Power-Disney: 4. A retired policeman contacted me to say all the stories were true about TED HEATH sodomising and having murdered young boys on his MORNING CLOUD yachts and other venues ….so well known was this amongst police and secret services that he relayed a sick joke / ditty / limerick about it that they used to tell each other
[03/05/2016 09:37:05] Angie Power-Disney: the other off the record facts as they come to mind I am happy to pass on to you xxxx
[03/05/2016 12:51:16] Christine Joanna Hart: Ok thanks – the reson why I was upset and do feel odd about it tooday is you saying I had empathy for men like that. I dont have empathy for rapists. I had spent my life investigating that type of crime because in my view it came from bad mothering and adoption. I can feel sorry for those peeps but that is different from ’empathy’
[03/05/2016 12:55:39] Angie Power-Disney: empathy may have been the wrong word….you are drawn to investigate them with a hope that an explanation will unfold for the evil they did….I listened to you explaining it in your own words in a past podcast….the link between being called EVIL and wanting to understand evil people …..I don’t know what word to use. It shocked me that you saw GOOD LOOKING HOLLYWOOD ACTOR and yet my flesh crawls and I have to force myself to watch him on video or hear his voice….it shocked me that you felt he might be being set up or be a patsy…that is empathy surely? It made me wonder if you are still programmed or if he has been messaging you and working on you for a few weeks or something….it literally shocked me so much I considered quietly withdrawing from the interview in the second hour but I prayed and stayed quiet an then just went by the spirit for the final 15 or 20 minutes…..I was just floored by your take on him and still don’t understand it
[03/05/2016 13:03:55] Christine Joanna Hart: My intuition said he wasn’t guilty. Its just too obvious. I do think – know they were abused – but think it is by another – less obvious. Thats not having empathy for him as abuser. I think rapists are poor maddened rats I had to find that pity inside me as my adoptive father was like it or burn up with hatred and anger – like I have to forgive my brother tortuing us sitting in that house when we need the money so very badly. I hate him so much its like acid – but I have to see him as what he is a poor sad soul with no God at all, Such is the man who abused those poor children who will never be able to live normal lives. I have to be sure its him – I don’t know – as I said it was NEW to me. Im looking at it now but havent before – one would have to meet him the interviewer who spoke to him was f crap.
[04/05/2016 03:41:50] Angie Power-Disney: we have to agree to disagree and I pray I will hear from you like I heard from the childhood friend of Justice Lowell Goddard the Judge imported from New Zealand to run 5 year investigation into institutional abuse in the UK that truth will unfold for you based on evidence. I thought you said on your facebook your brother also sexually abused you in childhood and did not realise you possibly keep that facebook private ….but if he did, I believe it is profoundly wrong for you not to report him….my Mother did not report my Grandfather and he went on to abuse 3 of her 5 children including me. We are in different places but I still love and pray for you and salute your journey. It hurt me profoundly to hear what Aquino did to you….you are loved and I pray you seal up the vulnerable parts of you that leave you unprotected whether in this dimension or the astral. x
[04/05/2016 13:33:57] Christine Joanna Hart: Im ok – he has bought up his kids and his daughter has nothing bad to say about him – it would be his word to mine and he would discredit me. I live for my son – my life is over – God will see to my seedy creep of a brother who is still making me suffer by holding out in my mothers house – his way of masturbating over me and making me swallow. There is zero I can do about that either except suffer.
[05/05/2016 11:07:50] Angie Power-Disney: not true yet I understand your resignation. In not pursueing justice your personality is forced to find another outlet for righteous anger and justifiable rage….it is not the point whether truth is believed or not…the Bible says Your job is to speak truth….it is then on the guilty one whether they repent or not. But if you do NOT speak the truth it is on you if others suffer at his hands because you recoiled from being discredited. Does that make sense? I am shocked at your dance with danger and the dark side. I am shocked at your believing the Hoaxsted hype about me ….I don’t read or watch anything they pump out yet am shocked when people I esteem believe it…..I truly pray for you to come back from the risk taking behaviour that hurts you as in Aquino….you do not need to compete because in Jesus eyes you are already beautiful already loved already accepted already perfectly imperfect…..all you have to do is believe that and accept the love…..I have reciprocated the blocking with a heavy heart and am open to reconciliation any time the Spirit softens your heart and shows you I am not your enemy x Your love for your son is pure. Thoth Odin THE DARK SIDE in all its shades is trying to rob you and pull you over to them. I pray you heal enough to recognise Jesus and be safe for eternity
and this thread on a different platform in which Christine is ‘economical with the truth’ about Hawk’s position….
  • Christine J HartAngie – Taj said you wre posting the show or your recording of it Rev Radio owner does not want it posted over legals and he took it out of archive even. Its really best if you don’t. But this is between he and you. Best C.
  • Saturday
  • 14/05/2016 11:48Christine J HartI see you have done it – I have to block you Angela – you are causing me and my family MUCH stress. I was told you would do that and you would want to. and now you have you make me very sad that you hate me this much.
  • 14/05/2016 11:50Christine J HartI have trollers who attack me that arent to do wiht hampstead but my book In For The Kill. Id appreciate if you tookk down thier comments – as they hurt me ir disabled coments. I will defreind you – I will not block you. you know I disagree wiht that RD being guilty. This is your transference for you father. ok
  • 14/05/2016 12:13Angela Power-DisneyComments on my videos are filtered as APPROVED ONLY. Thinking my stance about the father being guilty as alleged by the children in 24 heart rending videos and backed up by forensic research over a year and a half by multiple professionals and documented unequivocally is TRANSFERENCE ABOUT MY FATHER is so absurd it leaves me once again with my jaw dropping and wondering have you been incredibly naive or are you consciously choosing darkness and untruth for the possible dangling carrot of a pay off? The sad thing is I feel you still flip flop between darkness and light. It seems a root of bitterness and a Jezebel spirit of envy and misdirected rage has you still open to attack from the dark side OR RECRUITMENT which both end the same way….BADLY. I still think if Aquino Dearman or similar offered you enough money and a husband you may sell out again and because you KNOW the truth you this time will not be able to say you were naive or programmed or bullied you CHOOSE to keep sitting on the fence or dancing with demons and your eternal soul is on the line here as well as the well being of your beautiful son….it is not ME putting you and your son at risk it is YOU can you not see that?
  • 14/05/2016 12:16Angela Power-DisneyPLEASE step away from the dark side …..and please start functioning from a place of BEING loved and whole even if you like me and so many other survivors you limp into the fullness of healing wounded broke and alone BUT WITH YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL CONNECTED FULLY to the only One who can save us for eternity? You are RELEASED from super spy duties and your job is to flourish and love? I do not HATE you at all I just would not tolerate you sabotaging the childrens chances of getting rescued. It was utterly preposterous for you to say in your RADIO SHOW HOSTESS ALTER that being in care was the best option when you yourself and thousands others were so brutalised and traumatised in cate.
  • 14/05/2016 12:17Angela Power-DisneySTOP reading Hoaxsted stuff and listening to the Father in his multiple fake personas HE IS GETTING IN YOUR HEADAnd as for the owner of Revolution Radio having issues with the interview being hung WITHOUT the Rev Radio stuff presumably then he will also ask MILES to take down all the other interviews hung on the BASES channel?I am praying for you and believe if and when you cut ties fully with the dark side you will be an ABSOLUTE FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH for truth and justice as we hurtle towards the end of this dark satanic age xx
  • Saturday
  • 14/05/2016 19:42Christine J HartAngie you are being mad. I was attacked on hoaxsted site by my troll a man called Simon Tomlin – who is insane. I asked you not to do it as he will now be able to slap at me on the site – he is demincally charged and now he has a platform. offer me a husband are you serious? Its almost funny. That site is not run by Dearman it is run by a local lawyer.
  • 14/05/2016 19:45Christine J HartPS Miles has my permission – you do not. Hawk is livid. Its our copyright you have pirated it.You have also caused me untold time and greif by this – waht is it you think you can acheive for the children? PS I did enjoy my time in care – better than with my adoptive parents.where do you think they should be?
  • 14/05/2016 20:24Angela Power-DisneyI am horrified at the narcissism soliciting drama and sympathy at the expense of children whom I believe were and like are still suffering ritual abuse….and your son is YOUR responsibility and YOU choose to do things like solicit the likes of AQUINO with little thought for the fallout …..I am deeply disappointed. And it was YOU who solicited this interview not me and it was the ONLY online work I did through a very traumatic family time….God forgive you I hope the attention is worth it to you
FINALLY, I RELUCTANTLY I POST THE FOLLOWING E MAIL THREAD BETWEEN MYSELF AND CHRISTINE’S BOSS, THE OWNER OF REVOLUTION RADIO…..as I said in the title, I am open to apologies any time Christine….you publicly accused me of things that are provably UNTRUE. Much more serious is your stance discrediting THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN and I look forward to you too saying I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ….
ME TO NITE HAWK OF REVOLUTION RADIO the thread starts at the bottom but you will get the drift if you read this far…..this is as much for EVIDENCE including in my counter claim to youtube against the copyright filed it seems by Christine and not the radio station:
Thanks for clarifying
Sorry you got in the middle
On the plus side, viewer numbers should go up, folks love a good cat fight
Kind regards, working on the farm sounds pretty appealing
Hawk RevRadio 13:06 To: angelapowerba@
I told Christine yall can fight this out amonst your self I also have a farm to run and had to listen to this back and forth all day yesterday I didn’t file a cp I don’t have time to go to the trouble
Angie Power-Disney 11:35 To: Hawk RevRadio
Hi Mike,
Despite as I thought complying promptly with your request, there has been a copyright takedown claim on my youtube channel which is the first ever issue I have had with youtube and puts years of work in the campaign to end child abuse at risk.The version I first had uploaded by a third party in which the Revolution Radio parts were edited out, because of a misleading statement by Christine that your station was unhappy about the interview, may be the one that has been copyright complained about? It has disappeared although the corrected one linking and crediting your station is still up. I had switched it to unlisted and should perhaps have simply deleted or put it on private. I only left it unlisted as it had had around 200 views and apologise if this was wrong.I would strongly request that the copyright claim be withdrawn to restore my channel to good standing, if indeed it came from yourself?In my opinion, this whole issue requires the adults working in the field to put their own agendas aside for the greater good. There is no room for egos and personality clashes when so much is at stake for those who have no voice. Here is the option I have regarding the claim which has rendered my channel inaccessible on my laptop but curiously not on my phone
Counter Notification BasicsA counter notification is a legal request for YouTube to reinstate a video that has been removed for alleged copyright infringement. The process may only be pursued in instances where the upload was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled, such as fair use. It should not be pursued under any other circumstances.If your video was removed but does not fit the criteria above, you may want to seek a retraction, or simply wait for yourstrike to expire.Please note that when we forward the counter notice, it will include the full text of the counter notice, including any personal information you provide. The claimant may use this information to file a lawsuit against you in order to keep the content from being restored to YouTube.By submitting a counter notification, you consent to having your information revealed in this way. We will not forward the counter notification to any party other than the original claimant.Counter notifications must be submitted by the video’s original uploader or an agent authorized to act on their behalf, such as an attorney. To submit a counter notification, please use our webform. It is accessible via the Copyright Notices section of your account:
The counter notification process takes 10 business days to complete once initiated, so please be patient. During this time, the claimant may file an action seeking a court order to keep the content down.If your account has been suspended for multiple copyright violations, the counter notification webform will be inaccessible. If appropriate, you may submit a free-form counter notification.Kind RegardsANGIE
From: nitehawk@ To: angelapowerba@ Subject: RE: CREDIT re CHRISTINE JOANNA HART Date: Sun, 15 May 2016 10:39:16 -0400 15/05/2016 To: Hawk RevRadioOutlook.com
Christine J Hart interviews Angie Power Disney & Jake Clarke on THE HAMPSTEAD CASE
all done A Angie Power-Disney 15/05/2016 To: Mike Ringley
Ok it might just be an automatic pick up of the music in the middle and end…my tech taking it out but youtube notified no action will be taken against me if I concur with monetisation reverting to copyright claimants …..all good….storm in teacup hopefully and the drama could work in the childrens favour….my views aren’t huge but I do have a core following and have invested more than a year voluntarily into getting to the bottom of the Hampstead Cover Up. Thanks for all you do I am a fan of the station and Christine does some good work
Hawk RevRadio 15/05/2016 To: ‘angela power’
I’ve filed no claims – just the note thus far
Angie Power-Disney 15/05/2016 To: Hawk RevRadio
Hi again
Actually on reflection the action taken on the new original update just says there are two copyright claims but no action will be taken against me if I just agree to viewing revenue going to the claimant which I presume is yourselves. I have no problem at all with that, I do not monetise so if ok with you will go ahead and re upload in the following format once you approve …. p.s. The multiple THUMBS DOWNS on videos related to the Hampstead Case is a tactic of its apologists/trolls
Angie Power-Disney 15/05/2016 To: Hawk RevRadio
Hi Hawk
Thanks for the response and I get it about not checking all show content.
Christine hosts live and I am unsure about her issue other than my being firm in offering professional evidence contrary to her initial stance on the case….she in a subsequent show apologised on air for doing an insufficiently researched interview. I do interviews myself and cannot research every case, it was only such a firm position was voiced on air by Christine that was contrary to evidence and documentation gathered over a year and a half that made it moot.I had my editing friend attempt to upload the original but even though it is PRIVATE until clearance it says it has 2 copyright claims with the following blurb. I think the simplest thing is to credit and link REVOLUTION RADIO in the blurb of my ad edited version as the music and ads seems to generate this copyright thing? I do not monetise my videos and apologise again if NOT linking Rev Radio was interpreted as pirating….I thought I was doing the respectful thing given Christine’s stance. Looking forward to looking back on this as a storm in a radio teacup:)
What is a Content ID claim?If you upload a video that contains copyright-protected material, you could end up with a Content ID claim. These claims are issued by companies that own music, movies, TV shows, video games, or other copyright-protected material.Depending on the copyright owner’s policy, some Content ID claims prevent certain material from being available on YouTube. Others allow the video to remain live, while directing the advertising revenue to the copyright owners of the claimed content, like music.If you received a copyright strike, this article will not be helpful to you.Where do I see my Content ID claims?To see if you have any Content ID claims on your videos, visit the copyright notices section of your Video Manager. In certain cases when your video or account is affected, we may also email you when you get a Content ID claim.Am I in trouble?Probably not. In most cases, getting a Content ID claim isn’t a bad thing for your YouTube channel. It just means, “Hey, we found some material in your video that’s owned by someone else.”It’s up to copyright owners to decide whether or not others can reuse their original material. In many cases, copyright owners allow the use of their content in YouTube videos in exchange for putting ads on those videos.However, there are some cases when copyright owners don’t want their material reused:
  • Blocking a video: Sometimes, copyright owners may block your video, which means people won’t be able to watch it. They can decide to block your video worldwide or just in certain countries. If your video is blocked worldwide, youraccount standing may be affected, which means you’ll lose access to some YouTube features. Please keep in mind that deleting videos that affect your account standing won’t restore your good standing.
  • Muting a video: If your video contains copyright-protected music, the owner may choose to mute it. This means that people can still watch your video, but they won’t be able to hear the soundtrack. This won’t affect your account standing.
  • Blocking certain platforms: In some cases, copyright owners may restrict the devices, apps, or websites on which their content can appear. These restrictions won’t change the availability of your video on YouTube.com.
In some cases, you can’t monetize a video that has a Content ID claim. Instead, the copyright owners can choose to monetize your video. But in other cases, like if music is claimed in your video, you may be able to share the advertising revenue with the music’s copyright owners.What can I do about this claim?When you get a Content ID claim, there are a few different things you can do, depending on the situation:
  • Do nothing: If you agree with the claim, you can just move on. You can always change your mind later if you disagree with the claim.
  • Remove the music: If you get a claim for a piece of music in your video, you can try to remove the song without having to edit and upload a new video. Learn more.
  • Swap the music: If music in your video is claimed, but you still want to have music in the background, you can swap out your audio track with one of our free-to-use songs. Learn more.
  • Share revenue: If you’re a member of our YouTube Partner Program, and you’ve included music in your video, you may be able to share revenue with the music’s rights owner(s). Learn more.
  • Dispute the claim: If you have the required rights to use the copyright-protected content in your video, or if you think the system has somehow misidentified your video, you can dispute the claim.To dispute the claim, go to your copyright notices and click the link to the right of the video’s Edit menu. This will take you to a page with information about what’s been claimed in your video and who claimed it. You’ll also find the option to dispute the claim on this page.
If you dispute a claim without a valid reason, the content owner may choose to take down your video. If this happens, your account will get a copyright strike.Deleting videos that affect your account standing won’t restore your good standing.
Hawk RevRadio 14/05/2016 To: ‘angela power’
Also you don’t have to edit the original audio but would be preferable to leave it as created in tact – the description box is where proper crediting need taken care off
Hawk RevRadio 14/05/2016 To: ‘angela power’
Well first of all Christine is giving me hell about it. I have people unfairly pirating stuff from the station anyway and slapping advertising on it Also my hosts wishes come first I didn’t hear the show just reacting accordingly at her request and whatever the show was all about seems to have created some issues for her personally ever your post seems to be generating a lot of down thumbs I have over 90 hosts their protection is my personal first and if I listened to an monitored everything id need 12 more hours in a day – so just properly credit I’m ok and it’ll pull whatever heat she thinks is on her, off her and unto me because I’m not worried about it. And most the time if I don’t sound like a big old asshole I just get a pishah and ignore So nothing personal or offence just properly credit Thanks
Angie Power-Disney 14/05/2016 To: nitehawk@
Hi Hawk, The tone of your comment was alarming and I will be delighted to re upload the unedited version of the show including Revolution Radio ads etc….it was out of consideration for Christine having removed it from your station and telling me you had also deleted the archive that I posted it NOT linking back to the station. Christine had actively solicited the interview including two occasions when I had messaged her saying I was not available due to intense family issues around the death of my sister yet she went on air still frantically having third parties contact me telling me to get to skype. I carved two hours out of what was supposed to be family time with work on the back burner and was shocked at the brouhaha that followed. My tech skills are not great, so 24 hours to re upload the original may be a stretch, unless there is a way for you to do so? I am sorry Christine got trolled and took threats possibly more literally than they were, I am also a survivor and the trolling over the Hampstead Case has been unparalleled although many liken it to the Hollie Greig case here or the McMartin Case in America. It is intense, and I thought Christine was aware of that given the many controversial subjects she covers, and the whistle blowing she herself has done. I thought for many days how to handle her astonishing position on the case and decided that as adults both she and I, our egos and different perspectives were irrelevent in light of the horrors millions worldwide believe the children were and likely still are suffering. I look forward to hearing from you and apologise for any fallout for you also. This is a messy case and not for the feint hearted. I was honoured that the bosses of Revolution Radio actually suggested Christine do a show on the case and it would be a great shame if the adults bashing heads leaves the show in the cutting room. I did a speaking tour in your neck of the woods I believe, I was given the Freedom of the City albeit small of Lake Charles Louisiana after speaking about abuse and its fallout in a correctional facility, a homeless shelter, a couple of schools, a radio show and a conference. Fond memories of a profoundly rewarding visit tho alligator was a bridge too far

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