Part 2 of the CHRISTINE/ANGIE SAGA Where have all the heroes gone?

The final part of my rebuttal I had hoped would be volunteered by a player in this drama voluntarily, when the stakes were raised and the opportunity was there for him to defend my honour! Sadly the last message on the following thread where I requested same, elicited no response. It is thus regretfully I include it in my comprehensive defense of the take down done to my hitherto unblemished youtube account enacted by one Christine Hart although curiously credited to Revolution Radio despite their denials of doing so above.
21/04/2016 17:50Tajinder Gill Angela you there ?Christine Hart is trying to get hold of you
21/04/2016 17:52Angela Power-Disney Not on Skype but here for 20 mins
21/04/2016 17:52Tajinder Gill She needs a guest for her show todayAre you free in an hourI know it’s short notice
21/04/2016 17:55Angela Power-Disney No I’m so sorry I’m not but she could try R S?Could do a killer show with her Monday she is not on Facebook much an my skype not on I’m only in for 20 minutes then back out but could do Monday I promise
21/04/2016 17:57Tajinder Gill Ok does she have R S contact details Can you message her ?
21/04/2016 17:59Angela Power-Disney I did but has also messaged her last Monday early to say couldn’t do show an she didn’t read it til Monday night EMBARRASSING
21/04/2016 18:00Tajinder Gill Ok thanks is there anyone else you can think of ? Miles is busy
21/04/2016 18:02Angela Power-Disney H M has an amazing story I did parts one to three with her although her tablet not great and she is a targeted individual I’ll message her see can she get good skype somewhere
21/04/2016 18:03Tajinder Gill I’ve just asked Sarah Adams I’ll wait and see what she says
21/04/2016 18:04Angela Power-Disney She’ll probably say yes …I asked H too whoops AWKWARD ??
21/04/2016 18:05Tajinder Gill No Sarah said she’ll do it but wasn’t sure if Christine would have her on
21/04/2016 18:05Angela Power-Disney Ok well let me know
21/04/2016 18:05Tajinder GillOk thanks Angela
21/04/2016 18:08Angela Power-Disney They may have prickly history but it can be risen above maybe
21/04/2016 18:09Tajinder Gill Sarah is fine with it but now I can’t get hold of Christine bloody hell !
22/04/2016 10:46Tajinder GillFinally got hold of Christine she wants Sarah on next Thursday’s show, going to promote it as astral warriors, you still want to do Monday ? Thanks.
23/04/2016 12:59Angela Power-DisneyYeah will do Monday
23/04/2016 13:00Tajinder GillYeah she said she’s got Lisa Williams for Monday
23/04/2016 13:24Angela Power-DisneyOh No problem then just tell her I nned few days notice
23/04/2016 13:25Tajinder GillOk I will let her know
23/04/2016 13:26Angela Power-Disney like any time that suits her as long as I have a few days notice….
23/04/2016 13:26Tajinder GillOk thanks
11/05/2016 12:11Tajinder GillHi Angela I hope you are well. I believe Christine has messaged you and feels bad about what happened I hope you can stay friends, she’s not a bad person maybe just a little misguided. I understand if you feel like you cannot stay friends with Christine but hope that you can repair your friendship. Take care.
11/05/2016 12:12Angela Power-Disney I accepted her friend request last night after I heard her apologise on air for an interview she had not properly researched ….
11/05/2016 12:16Tajinder Gill Ok I spoke to her this morning and she feels really bad about what happened, I’m going to be making sure she researches her guests better and call her on the day of her show to make sure she is prepared.
11/05/2016 12:41Angela Power-Disney We can’t always be fully prepared but on such a high profile case it was shocking to take such a sympathetic stance towards the main alleged abuser and it was also shocking to me to say the children are better off in care when her own experience of state / church care was like so many others DEVASTATING . She had said she was putting the
interview back up ….do you know if she did ?
11/05/2016 12:45Tajinder Gill Sorry sent that by mistakeNo she’s not putting it back upShe’s had the original on Revolution Radio deleted, I have the only copy of the interviewAnd I guess you have your copy too
11/05/2016 14:55Angela Power-Disney Does she mind if you put your copy up or do I have to get all the Rev radio stuff edited out ?
11/05/2016 14:57Tajinder Gill You’ll have to ask her. I’m happy to edit out the Revolution Radio stuff from my copy and give that to you or you can edit your copy.I don’t think she minds having the Revolution Radio stuff in it anyway but I think she just wants to put the whole thing behind her.
13/05/2016 07:32Tajinder Gill Hi Angela hope you are well. Had a bit of a disastrous show with Christine last night wish I had listened to you. I’m going to distance myself from her now. She has issues for sure I’ve tried my best but I can’t do anymore. Thanks x
13/05/2016 07:49Angela Power-Disney well done and thanks for saying that…gives me no pleasure when someone is on self destruct mode but we don’t need to go down with them….would appreciate the copy you have of hampstead interview and * will edit out the rev radio stuff for me to avoid any complaints….do you have link for last night?
13/05/2016 07:52Tajinder Gill Last nights show isn’t in the Revolution Radio archive. She didn’t even tell me she had another guest on when I asked S D to do the show so she only got the first hour and didn’t say what she wanted to. Sandra is a good friend of my and now I look like a complete idiot. How can I send you the Hampstead interview I can put it on my google drive account and give you access ?
13/05/2016 07:54Tajinder Gill I think Christine would be better off not doing her show until her head is in the right place, I’ve messaged her this morning. Think she may attach me now but I couldn’t care less right now you don’t do that to your friends.
13/05/2016 08:11Angela Power-Disney if you mark the Hampstead show unlisted on your youtube for a couple days and send it privately here, * can download , edit and put on my channel ….any link for last night?
13/05/2016 08:13Tajinder Gill Do you have a google account I can share the original audioTry this link:
13/05/2016 08:20Angela Power-Disney cheers Taj will send it on to * …keep confidential that * helped …she was blocked by Christine too in the past !I have audio record of the interview btw but have not yet learned how to convert audio to video ….
13/05/2016 08:23Tajinder Gill I can do it for you if you like just need a photo or slide show for the video I don’t mind doing it if you want
13/05/2016 08:25Angela Power-Disney that would be a great help….how do I send audio ? I tried with win zip but too big file….do I just copy paste the url of the mp3
13/05/2016 08:26Tajinder Gill I have the audio and can cut out the radio revolution stuff would just need a photo relevant to the show or a set of photos which I can edit together
13/05/2016 08:27Angela Power-Disney oh ok will send a photo I think one is enough for now? I can give you my youtube password to upload to my channel
13/05/2016 08:28Tajinder GillJust email the photo to
13/05/2016 08:28Tajinder Gill If you want me to upload it that’s fine
13/05/2016 08:29Angela Power-Disney ok will send photo by e mail too if you like….I dunno how to upload a file unless I download it first I am almost 59 an big gaps in my tech knowledge lol
13/05/2016 08:30Tajinder Gill Just put the title for the video and description and I’ll put it all in. Cheers Just email it all to me With your YouTube login I’m going to start my own YouTube channel have made sim by contacts don’t see why I should waste them on Christine. I’m working on a big interview to launch the channel. Hopefully people will like it.Made some big contacts not made sim by, bloody autocorrect
13/05/2016 08:40Angela Power-Disney great idea of course you should have your own channel as well and you can hang any of my work too if of interest
13/05/2016 08:42Tajinder Gill Yes sure. I don’t know if anyone will listen to it but I get a lot of good feedback about my posts and hoping people will want to listen to what I have to say.
13/05/2016 08:51Tajinder Gill Don’t know if you listened to Christine’s latest on Bases, basically a 2 hour rant about her troll she almost sounds demonic on it and completely goes off on one.
13/05/2016 09:09Tajinder GillThe video should be up by lunchtime
13/05/2016 09:15Angela Power-Disney Yes I heard the troll rant and yes it was unhinged she takes the trolls too seriously and does not understand psychological warfare….she also still seems to have her soul for sale….I don’t like criticising and will continue to pray for her but from a safe distance for a while methinks
13/05/2016 09:16Angela Power-Disney youtube channel takes time to build following but the most freeing way to run is it WITH NO CARE FOR VIEWS AND NO SELF ESTEEM INVESTED IN NUMBERS …that is the best path to full and free self expression with integrity imo
13/05/2016 09:17Tajinder Gill Yes I agree I don’t need anymore drama in my life so I will stay friends with Christine if she wants but I’m done helping her.
13/05/2016 11:13Tajinder Gill Been on the phone with Christine for nearly an hour Not going to post last nights show as it was a disaster
13/05/2016 11:14Angela Power-Disney Can you let me listen to it unlisted just for personal validation that I was not being unreasonable??
13/05/2016 11:15Angela Power-Disney She is a skilled manipulator as i was and as we were trained to be and I still hope she will.choose the right path and stop flip flop pongFlopping lol and yes last night’s show I promise to keep confidential
13/05/2016 11:15Tajinder Gill I told her a few home truths
13/05/2016 11:16Angela Power-Disney Good for you ….
13/05/2016 11:16Tajinder Gill I think she needs to have a big think about what she wants to do with her show as she’s been given a great platform and is just wasting it in my opinion
13/05/2016 11:18Angela Power-Disney She is building a following and the weird thing about cyberspace is 7 billion well maybe 5 can access it so she will find her niche ….that is partly why I advise not letting numbers change who you are
13/05/2016 11:18Tajinder Gill I told her you may well post the Hampstead video yourself an she said she hoped you wouldn’t as it would just bring in the same trolls all over againDo you want to think about it over the weekend and if you feel the same I’ll post it on Monday ?
13/05/2016 11:20Angela Power-Disney If you go to videos then actions then more actions there is an option. APPROVED COMMENTS ONLY I told her that and had to do thst myself an if she wants to work in the truth movement she will need to toughen up No I definitely want to post and with rev radio stuff out I am not contravening any copyright
13/05/2016 11:21Tajinder GillOk I’ll be posting it shortly
13/05/2016 11:22Angela Power-Disney Excellent thanks an feel free to hang on your channel top when you set it up but make each vid approved comments only is my advice
13/05/2016 11:24Tajinder Gill Ok I haven’t posted much on YouTube I’ll have to do that. Please don’t mention anything about me being involved in posting the video I don’t want anymore drama and want to keep a good relationship with Christine
13/05/2016 11:25Angela Power-Disney Yes same with * helping me sometimes. Confidentiality important
13/05/2016 11:26Tajinder GillOk I’ll let you know when it’s up
13/05/2016 11:28Tajinder GillI’ve just logged into your YouTube it days it’s going you a textWith a verification codeCan you give me the 6 digit code
13/05/2016 12:47Tajinder GillOn cheers I’ll upload the video now
13/05/2016 12:47Angela Power-DisneyThanks
13/05/2016 12:56Tajinder GillIts processing now give it 20 mins
13/05/2016 13:06Angela Power-Disney Brilliant. Can you leave it unlisted until I do that thing of restricting comments ? Thanks so much . I am wondering if she might be PAID to sabotage big cases or do you think it is just a personality thing going on ?
13/05/2016 13:07Tajinder GillI think it’s restricted comments I checked in advanced settingsyou can login and check now
13/05/2016 13:12Tajinder Gill
13/05/2016 13:16Tajinder GillOk Angela the video is up !
13/05/2016 13:18Angela Power-DisneyBrilliant. Thanks so much . Going out for lunch with Cathi Morgan now ! Have an audio to convert in a few days of update with her if you have time !! Or is thst a bit Oliver Twist like lol ??
13/05/2016 13:18Tajinder GillYeah sure no problem, good luck with Christine by the way !
13/05/2016 20:24Angela Power-Disney she has messaged me I am only now back online since went out hours ago but will go read her message an upload the vid thanks again
14/05/2016 12:24Tajinder Gill Christine’s blocked you again I see
14/05/2016 12:50Angela Power-Disney Ha ha well I just read three messages from her first saying she would block then saying she would just unfriend stay cool it will all resolve itselfHave said nothing re edit and thanks again it was the right thing to do
14/05/2016 12:51Tajinder GillOk good luck
14/05/2016 13:37Tajinder Gill Miles asked me to remove your Hampstead post from the Bases group as Christine complained. I’m just doing as I’m told.
14/05/2016 13:43Angela Power
14/05/2016 13:43Angela Power-Disney I see you did a you turn on helping Christine and am pretty sure I will be savaged by her and D on Monday but I don’t do what I do for popularity which is probably a good job. Am disappointed at Miles and will contact him direct on that….sorry you seem to be in the middle of this storm in a teacup
14/05/2016 13:45Tajinder Gill I’m just doing the shows I setup for Christine I’m not getting any more guests for her now as I’m going to do my own channel She’s got two more guests I set up for her Cara St Louis and Ben Emlyn Jones then I’m going to concentrate on my own channel
14/05/2016 13:48Angela Power-Disney Christine actually suggested the reason I believe the evidence against the Hampstead Father R D is because I am projecting my own issues with my Father which is a nice theory but totally irrelevent in light of the documented mountain of evidence. I have just messaged Miles and am gonna leave this alone until at least after the Monday show and possibly longer because I am human and politics and manoevres in the truth movement can be quite vicious so I need to bunker down a bit until this storm passes which it will
14/05/2016 13:49Angela Power-Disney Cara and Ben have no axe to grind against me….D is another loose cannon but it will alll come out in the wash
14/05/2016 13:51Angela Power-Disney Christine and D are being pupetteered by the Hampstead defence team but they do not realise that …..I pray the Living Water and the Holy Spirit sift the truth and let it shine and I pray discernment in the listening and viewing public that those with ears to hear the truth will not just believe it but act on it too ….I pray this in Jesus Name and wish no harm to any, even my enemies
14/05/2016 13:53Tajinder GillI hope everything works out AngelaYes it will be an interesting show on Monday will say a lot about both of them if they bring up you or the Hampstead case Again I’ll be caught in the middle, bloody drama seems to be the story of my life since I’ve got involved with Christine Think I might warn Christine not to mention anything about the Hampstead case and just concentrate on Danielle’s work I don’t need anymore of this crap raining down
14/05/2016 14:08Angela Power-Disney DOUBT she will listen and even if you do if she or both are gunning for me they can do a back stab in one sentence ….but my God has a way of turning what the devil intends for harm into GOOD and Isaiah 54 says EVERY TONGUE THAT RISES UP AGAINST US IN JUDGEMENT WE WILL CONDEMN AND SHOW TO BE IN THE WRONG so in the interest of free speech it might be best to let them at it…..I leave it with you and will pray.
14/05/2016 14:27Tajinder GillI thought all this type of stuff was left back in the playground next they’ll be name calling on the show
14/05/2016 17:17Angela Power-Disney Let’s wait and see but I pray not
14/05/2016 20:31Angela Power-Disney I have blocked both Christine and Milesno need to respond just wanted to let you know…I will make a video on this when things settle a bit but I am furious
14/05/2016 20:53Tajinder Gill Christine is saying Revolution Radio are going to go after you for pirating her show ! Don’t think anything will happen myself they may put in a infringement of copyright with YouTube and take the video down. Just letting you know she is pretty pissed off with you so yeah let things settle down. I hope D doesn’t stir more shit up on Mondays show !!
14/05/2016 20:55Tajinder Gill Show hasn’t even aired yet and getting comments like this already !!
14/05/2016 21:45Angela Power-Disney Hey was just coming to message you….and use the comments filter thing I told you about….HAWK the Revolution Radio guy has asked for the show to include and link back to Revolution Radio which is VERY different from the spin Christine was putting on that he was so unhappy about it he even deleted it from the archives, I e mailed him and told him the connection was only taken out as respect for the position Christine had given of the station and I would be delighted to re upload the whole thing including the REV RADIO ads and even happier if he wanted to do the same!! Having said that HELP lol can you re upload the entire thing for me???
14/05/2016 21:46Angela Power-Disney it ALL brings publicity to the HAMPSTEAD CASE so bring it on tho adults acting like DIVAS is most unattractive
14/05/2016 21:46Tajinder Gill Lol I am out right now so have you removed it from you YouTube channelOr do you want the full unedited version with all the ads
14/05/2016 21:48Angela Power-DisneyD and now Christine have been the only truthers to come out against the Hampstead Case the evidence is overwhelming in support of the biggest cover up the UK has seen since the HOLLIE GREIG case and I love how God makes ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE CHRIST JESUS AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSES!!
14/05/2016 21:48Angela Power-Disney Sorry if I come across preachy, I lean heavy on God when under attack it is all spiritually based and demonically orchestrated even when the players are unaware of that
14/05/2016 21:49Tajinder GillIt’s ok I understand not sure what you want me to upload the video is still on your YouTube ??
14/05/2016 21:49Angela Power-Disneyfull unedited version with all the ads but still my blurb and photo and title please AND PUT IT ON PRIVATE until I send it to Hawk for approval first please? He politely asked me to put credits and LINK to station back in within 24 hours lolI will take it down when the new / original one is up he gave me 24 hours and seemed more annoyed at REV RADIO not being credited than that the video is back up!
14/05/2016 21:51Tajinder GillOk I can do all that I’ll just upload the original with the same photo ? Do you want to wartime anything on the photo or put Revolution Radios logo on there too ??Wartime sorry write anything not wartime anything lolYou may need to approve my login again with a text message. I can do the edit in no time if the photo is the same but might be a nice gesture to put revolution radios logo and maybe some text.
14/05/2016 21:55Angela Power-DisneyWhatever you think as long as my title and blurb under video stay in….sounds like the more links to rev radio the better but as I said, I will run it past HAWK before switching it from private to publiche said it had to include credits and link back to the station so whatever that means in tech world
14/05/2016 21:56Tajinder GillOk I’ll put their logo on their and links to the website in the description.
14/05/2016 21:57Angela Power-Dis
14/05/2016 21:58Tajinder GillOk I’ll do it when I get back tonight
14/05/2016 21:58Angela Power-DisneyGreat and you have been an absolute star and peace maker even tho I HAVE blocked Miles and Christine at least for now smile emoticon
14/05/2016 21:59Tajinder GillLol ok I’ll email ? Or message you the link when it’s done.In fact you can keep the same link maybe
14/05/2016 22:00Angela Power-Disneyboth to be sure to be sure smile emoticon E mail means I can forward directly to Hawk also
14/05/2016 22:00Tajinder GillOk talk to you later
15 May
15/05/2016 11:39Tajinder GillThe re-edit is up on your channel nowIt’s currently set as private
15/05/2016 11:39Tajinder Gill
15 May
15/05/2016 18:56Angela Power-Disneythe above link says REMOVED BY THE USER I presume you did that?
15/05/2016 18:59Tajinder GillYes I’m uploading the new one now
15/05/2016 19:05Tajinder GillDo you want the description and title to stay the same and just add the revolution radio links ? Plus the acknowledgement of revolution radio which you messaged me
15/05/2016 19:10Angela Power-DisneyYes sounds goodRev Radio said it was not them put in copyright claims so was either an auto response to music or someone else
15/05/2016 19:25Tajinder GillOk the video is in YouTube but is private
15/05/2016 19:28Angela Power-Disneythanks a million will publish now an copy to radio smile emoticon
15/05/2016 19:43Tajinder GillAre you uploading videos as well a load of new ones have appeared
15/05/2016 19:45Angela Power-Disneywhat?? can you give me an example cos nothing new uploaded but maybe privacy changed on multiple vids??Did a cracking two part interview with Cathi Morgan today should be up in a week or two
15/05/2016 19:46Tajinder GillAlright I think I might have accidentally changed the privacy settings, did you have any private videos
15/05/2016 19:46Angela Power-Disneyfeck….yes a LOT yikes
15/05/2016 19:46Tajinder GillCan you check them
15/05/2016 19:46Angela Power-Disneysome very sensitive ok will check
15/05/2016 19:49Tajinder GillIt looks like they are all public apart from the new videoSorry Angela I’ve Made them all private until you can work out which ones should be public
15/05/2016 20:31Angela Power-DisneyYes I have sorted it….when did you make them all private?
15/05/2016 20:32Tajinder GillWhen you said you hadn’t posted any videos I went and did it
15/05/2016 20:33Angela Power-Disneyoh shit well I hope I don’t need to go through one by one again lol
15/05/2016 20:34Tajinder Gill How many private videos do you have on there ?Christine has cancelled tomorrow’s interview with D she didn’t want any more grief and there was a pretty good chance that Hampstead would come up in the conversation. I think she’s going to stop doing the show now she’s going to take s break and spend time with family.
15/05/2016 20:39Angela Power-Disney might be a good idea she was sounding manic but undoubtedly will get lots of sympathy and blame me for stepping downdunno will go through again leave it with me an thanks again x
15/05/2016 20:45Tajinder Gill I told her a few home truths and thought her shoes were too negative and the Danielle interview would have been more negativity in my opinion. I wrote her a long message after the fuck up on Sandra’s show and told her she was unprofessional ill prepared and uninformed on the subjects she was interviewing people on. I told her maybe she needed a break and think about what she wants to do.
15/05/2016 20:46Angela Power-Disney well done you….Miles was upset with the Thursday show too and said it lost him some audience….I would still like to hear it for personal reasons?
15/05/2016 20:48Tajinder Gill Well it was just Sandra talking about the past and her film and then that Sgt Dan Macbolen character talking abo
ut all sorts of weird stuff even Christine didn’t understand what he was talking about And the audio kept cutting out for long periods at a timeIt’s on my Google Drive, I’ll find the link
15/05/2016 20:54Angela Power-Disney Thanks I’ll delete as soon as had a listen …I don’t bear any grudges personally against Christine I just wasn’t gonna have her sabotage the campaign for the Hampstead kids
16 May
16/05/2016 15:54Tajinder Gill Have you told anyone that I uploaded the video for you on YouTube ?Just had Christine on the phone saying someone on Bases told her I helped you do the video.
16/05/2016 16:17Angela Power-Disney Oh my GOD how on earth would anyone know ???? NO I did not !
16/05/2016 16:18Tajinder Gill Did you tell * or anyone at Revolution Radio ?
16/05/2016 16:18Angela Power-Disney NO !!!
16/05/2016 16:18Tajinder Gill If not then your email and Facebook communications are being monitored
16/05/2016 16:19Angela Power-Disney That is scary….I know my tech is heavily monitored and I was freaked out about all my videos being changed to public then to private was that you in the first instance or was it possibly a HACKING??
16/05/2016 16:20Angela Power-Disney i KNOW my stuff is monitored by GCHQ but WHO LEAKED MESSAGE CONTENT TO BASES?? TBH I blocked Miles too and am starting to wonder if he is an insider as well as Christine because a few Hampstead people have said she came across as deliberately trying to sabotage the case in the interview
16/05/2016 16:21Angela Power-Disney I changed my youtube channel password after all vids went funny cos Miles has password too
16/05/2016 16:22Tajinder Gill No the video thing was me I think I selected the all option and made everything public then thought I should make them private until you work out which ones are private. If someone was monitoring you they may have taken the opportunity to make public all your videos and blame it on me !!
16/05/2016 16:22Tajinder Gill Ok good but if your monitored that won’t help as they will know the new password too
16/05/2016 16:23Angela Power-Disney the only person who may have guessed it was you helping with emergency edits is C M cos she was here for the weekend as I was getting bombarded and putting out fires an trying to deal with REV RADIO but I don’t think for a minute she would have put two and two together and contacted Miles. I will phone her now and get back to you. But MILES had my password could he have changed privacy settings on all my vids and tracked your IP as the uploader?
16/05/2016 16:23Angela Power-Disney Did you deny or admit to Christine? If I were you I would say YES AND SO WHAT?Miles even accused me of recording the show secretly and to protect your identity I didn’t even defend myself on that just said it was HER who solicited the interview from me
16/05/2016 16:24Tajinder Gill I said no I don’t want to get involved like I said when I helped you Anyone could have copied the show off YouTube when I put it up for Christine originally As far as Christine is concerned I had nothing to do with your Hampstead video she also said that you don’t have permission from Revolution Radio and that you lied about that on the description This is why I didn’t want to get involved in all this drama !You may have a key logging device on your PC. A physical device plugged into the PC or even software that is monitoring you.
16/05/2016 16:33Angela Power-Disney Just spoke to C who thought it might be you helping but I had neither confirmed nor denied and she says CATEGORICALLY she has not spoken to Miles Christine or anyone and would not either. She
has not spoken to Miles Christine or anyone and would not either. She t come back to me anyway I use VPN software to hide my IP address Miles doesn’t have time to do stuff like that even if he knew how to which I don’t think he does. Miles doesn’t even know how to login to the Bases website to update it !
16/05/2016 16:36Angela Power-Disney I am getting new laptop as soon as I get back to Spain and have bullguard on this but the Hampstead Case is GOVERNMENT suppressed so I have had indications of remote interference for six months or more with skype collapsing in sensitive interviews etc …..I will stay SCHTUM about editing altho it could as I said be IP tracking manually….and I can post EMAILS from Rev Radio showing that I am not lying in fact I will forward copies to you SHE IS THE ONE LYING so read the e mails from Hawk I will forward them now
16/05/2016 16:38Tajinder Gill She said someone from bases told her and she said “her” so it’s a womanI can’t believe she would ask me that just fishing to see what I would say
16/05/2016 16:40Angela Power-Disney Well C has no contact with her whatsoever and dislikes her work and said so at length over the weekend and THERE IS NO ONE ELSE who knows ….even Cathi was only surmising so unless she is lying which I don’t think she is CHRISTINE IS LYING She is clever she is like a dog with a bone it may be Cathi theory of clever guess is rightcheck e mail thread from radio
16/05/2016 16:42Tajinder Gill She doesn’t trust anyone does she
16/05/2016 16:42Angela Power-Disney she is acting unhinged does she have an alcohol issue?
16/05/2016 16:42Tajinder Gill I don’t think so
16/05/2016 16:43Angela Power-Disney well something is seriously wrong I listened to the Thursday podcast an all that astral warrior shit with the so called detective was just bonkers
16/05/2016 16:44Tajinder Gill Last Thursday ?Sandra was on then was cut off as she was boring I switched off after that
16/05/2016 16:45Angela Power-Disney and I don’t believe she will do the bases conference cos she doesn’t want to be seen looking fat middle aged and miserable but no doubt she will try and blame me if she doesn’t just as she may try and get sympathy blaming me for cancelling shows but she SAID in the Thursday show that the cops advised her not to go on air until they catch her STALKER who is just a Hoax sted troll probably Ricky Dearman and is all threats and no action she is being HYSTERICAL and is it pure hysteria or is t a paid operation to try and turn folks against me??
16/05/2016 16:46Tajinder Gill She told me it was a guy called Simon Tomlin
16/05/2016 16:48Angela Power-Disney never heard that name
16/05/2016 16:48Tajinder Gill Apparently he has trolled her before when her book came out
16/05/2016 16:49Angela Power-Disney oh you mean she thinks Simon Tomlin is the troll from Hoaxsted….it’s possible if he works for government cos there are some secret service guys working alongside Dearman on Hoaxsted according to the London teameither way they rarely follow through on threats just get off on the fear and hysteria
16/05/2016 16:51Tajinder Gill Yes I agree but try telling Christine that, if someone insinuates that they will come to her home and beat the shit out of her and threatening her kid too what do you do
16/05/2016 16:51Angela Power-Disney I honestly think Miles accessed my youtube to see who uploaded. Cathi thinks Christine tried to bluff you in to an admission. Take your pickI am shocked she has not learned how to deal with trolls and threats LONG AGO in her line of work she is sounding paranoidThey rattle me from time to time but she really seems to have gone over the edge about this
16/05/2016 16:53Tajinder Gill I don’t think Miles would do that he couldn’t tell it was me even if he did I mask my IP address
16/05/2016 16:53Angela Power-Disney it is more likely the disclosures she made about Michael Aquino and the Fleet Street crowd have earned her some harrassment?ok well then lucky guess or gchq seem the only other possibilities
16/05/2016 16:54Tajinder Gill I told her to forget about Aquino he’s dangerous
16/05/2016 16:54Angela Power-Disney but her info is not sound cos she said REV RADIO were furious and taking action and they were pussycats to deal with many many people warned her off Awuino she chose not to listen
16/05/2016 16:55Tajinder Gill She runs a private investigation company so must know intelligence services guys She wouldn’t ask me something like that without any basis
16/05/2016 17:00Angela Power-Disney probably. I told her my interview software was malfunctioning which it HAD BEEN because she usually LIKES me to do a back up skype copy especially for things like the COLLEEN BLACK interview she dropped in my lap on air an then did not record for REV RADIO….I was taken aback at the end of the interview that my software HAD done an audio record but she may have thought YOU were the only person externallly recording and she would know even with the fancy superimposed radio logo that I am not skilled enough to edit like that so the guesswork theory could be it
16/05/2016 17:01Tajinder GillAnyone can grab the audio off the original YouTube video I posted for her however long that was up for Revolution radio have pulled the show from the archive So I understand her suspicion as I was the only one with a copy of the audio of the show.
16/05/2016 17:04Angela Power-Disney she was USED as a dumb blonde honey trap in Fleet Street etc and I DO believe she was a monarch so not just the honey trap thing going on she is RUTHLESSLY competitive and has a streak in her that will go to great lengths to achieve a goal professionally or otherwise….she is still VERY susceptible to triggers and flattery….she tried every trick in the book to shut me down and kill the show because I NAILED IT as to her affinity being OFF and she also possibly regretted outing Aquino for astral rape which btw I do believe happens but she under estimated my GOD and my willingness to fight for the children no matter how messy it got
16/05/2016 17:05Angela Power-Disney she knows very few would BOTHER pulling her shows except HOAXSTED if they knew in advance the subject matter but as it was not promoted in advance she would have figured it was PROBABLY you
16/05/2016 17:07Angela Power-Disney and unless you pay membership at rev radio to go IN to the archives you won’t know if they really HAVE pullled it….even if they have the guy clearly says in the e mails she was giving him hell and he didn’t have time to go listen to 90 hosts show content so just did as she asked but he did NOT report me and simply asked for links and credits !!
16/05/2016 17:07Angela Power-Disney Is she sticking by stepping down from the show for a while? IF she does I hope she remembers she said the COPS advised her to altho I doubt she will
16/05/2016 17:09Tajinder Gill She hasn’t asked me to look for more guests and her last show is Monday 30th so it’s up to her what she wants to do after that I’m working on my own channel now so won’t have time to help her as well
16/05/2016 17:10Angela Power-Disney and btw she gets NO work running a private investigation company she has had NO income since whistle blowing on Fleet Street as far as she has told me she just has CONTACTS and tbh EX honey traps can get it hard to work men the way we used to although Christine has a few jumping through hoops for her including Miles which is MYSTIFYING to me and has damaged my friendship with him
16/05/2016 17:12Tajinder Gill Yes Miles got me to remove your video from Bases on her request saying she would cancel the conference if it didn’t get deletedShe’s got him wrapped around her little fingerYou don’t make threats like that to people who you call your friends, Miles has enough problems to deal with without having to sort her shit out as wellI’m worried this could all turn into another Joanne Summerscales type infiltration by Christine, did she really work for MI6 ?
16/05/2016 17:21Angela Power-Disney Not directly ….she worked for sleazy private investigation companies who vocationally got HIRES by MI6….she did mostly honey trap work to see if men were cheating on their husbands etc ….and Miles knowingly let her bully him he has to take responsibility for thst….i fail to understand why he would book her for his conference unless it is ambition believing her hype about panorama wanting to do a show on her an Hugh Grant want if to do a movie of her life ….she HAS had an MK ultra life and a tragic childhood like so many
of us but in my opinion she is a loose cannon because still ambitious and ruthless and confused
16/05/2016 17:22Tajinder Gill We were supposed to have coffee with D she asked me to come she told me she isn’t good around other women. Not sure what that was about.
16/05/2016 17:24Angela Power-Disney She DID infiltrate real IRA and interview serial killera etc but imo she will decimate Miles following and he either fancies her or is intellectually seduced by her or ambitious or working WITH her or just plain fucking stupid
16/05/2016 17:24Tajinder Gi ll She asked me to cancel C’s interview so only Ben left
16/05/2016 17:25Angela Power-Disney She uses men to isolate other women she was the one who wanted a second guest on with me it is manipulation but follow your gut you are very kind ….. Did she interview D this morning?
16/05/2016 17:25Tajinder Gill No
16/05/2016 17:25Angela Power-Disney Right well I have an appointment talk soon and thanks for going above and beyond
16/05/2016 17:25Tajinder Gill She didn’t tell D either !!!
16/05/2016 17:26Angela Power-Disney Ben is a decent chap

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