Cavan General Hospital & the HSE Crisis in Ireland

HI Friends!

Sorry not to have blogged recently and gone dark on twitter, youtube for two weeks and facebook for a few days…all restored except Twitter sadly but a new account is up

I had some family issues which sadly generated a nervous breakdown or Dissociative Identity Meltdown, along with an alcohol relapse

I spent 4 days in hospital with a professional detox as I nearly died trying to quit again alone

The details are below in this video. If you check my facebook, Angela Teresa Power Disney, you will see also the testimony of a Doctor whose wife is in Intensive Care in the Beaumount Hospital and he is not being allowed visitation nor facetime nor updates….this HAS to stop

If you are able to support my work and survival please remember to donate through my gofundme link and THANK YOU!

Love Angie & Aaron!